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Player Speed issues. (dealing with reflection)


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When updating to 1.6.2, an old variable I used to use was changed from public to private, landSpeedFactor. Hopefully I wold be able to use reflection to modify it accordingly, but I can't seem to get it to work.


		landMovementFactor = landMovementFactor > 0.001F ? landMovementFactor : (Float)ObfuscationReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(EntityLivingBase.class, player, "landMovementFactor", "field_70746_aG");
		landMovementFactor *=1.45;
		ObfuscationReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(EntityLivingBase.class, player,landMovementFactor ,"landMovementFactor", "field_70746_aG");
		player.jumpMovementFactor *=1.45;



The above code is what I did from what I know, I asked around on the IRC and everyone said they couldn't find a problem. Help is appreciated, thanks in advance! :)



This is the creator of the Rareores mod! Be sure to check it out at

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Anyone know how to deal with a reflection problem as such? I haven't been able to figure much out and this is the only thing preventing me from updating to 1.6.2.


And NO, no speed potion effect, I MUST use landMovementFactor solely because the code is ran each tick and other variables would be multiplied exponentially high because they are not reset every tick, however landmovementfactor does and it makes for a perfect variable to work with since it increases speed exactly the way you need it.

This is the creator of the Rareores mod! Be sure to check it out at

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I was messing around in the code and I don't think that movement uses that variable anymore. With the new attribute system it uses attribute modifiers. I just edited the entityplayer base class as I have changed it a bit already due to the fact it adds in a whole new system.

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