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Sound is not reproduced [1.16.5]

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I was making a custom ambulance, and when i press the key "b", it should play the siren sound effect, but it doesn't.
Can someone help?

This is Where i Call the Sound:

public class AmbulanceEntity extends VehicleEntity {

    private boolean sirenActivate;

    public AmbulanceEntity(EntityType<? extends AmbulanceEntity> type, World worldIn) {
        super(type, worldIn);
        this.sirenActivate = false;

    public boolean isSirenOn() {
        return this.sirenActivate;

    public void updateSiren() {
        this.sirenActivate = !this.sirenActivate;
        if (this.sirenActivate) {
            AmbulanceSirenSound sound = new AmbulanceSirenSound(this);
            System.out.println("Add Sound");
        PacketHandler.instance.sendToServer(new MessageAmbulanceSirenChange(this.sirenActivate));

    public void setSirenActivate(boolean sirenActivate) {
        this.sirenActivate = sirenActivate;

The Ambulance Sound Class:

public class AmbulanceSirenSound extends TickableSound {

    private AmbulanceEntity refEntity;

    public AmbulanceSirenSound(AmbulanceEntity entity) {
        super(ModSounds.AMBULANCE_SIREN.get(), SoundCategory.MUSIC);
        this.refEntity = entity;
        this.repeat = true;
        this.repeatDelay = 0;
        this.volume = 0.8F;
        this.pitch = 0.85F;

    public void tick() {
        if (this.refEntity == null || Minecraft.getInstance().player == null) {
        if (refEntity.isSirenOn() && this.refEntity.getPassengers().size() > 0) {
            PlayerEntity localPlayer = Minecraft.getInstance().player;
            this.x = (float) (this.refEntity.getPosX() + (localPlayer.getPosX() - this.refEntity.getPosX()) * 0.65);
            this.y = (float) (this.refEntity.getPosY() + (localPlayer.getPosY() - this.refEntity.getPosY()) * 0.65);
            this.z = (float) (this.refEntity.getPosZ() + (localPlayer.getPosZ() - this.refEntity.getPosZ()) * 0.65);
            System.out.println("Sound Tick");
        } else {


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10 hours ago, Yurim64 said:


You cannot do this in a common class, you will crash servers.

Also, where do you call updateSiren?

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dove dovrei riprodurre il suono? e come?

I call the update Siren here, in my Client Event Handler:

    public void onKeyInput(InputEvent.KeyInputEvent event) {
        if (Minecraft.getInstance().player == null)

        if (ClientProxy.KEY_CYCLE_SEATS.isPressed() && event.getAction() == GLFW.GLFW_PRESS) {
            if (Minecraft.getInstance().player.getRidingEntity() instanceof VehicleEntity) {
                PacketHandler.instance.sendToServer(new MessageCycleSeats());

        if (ClientProxy.KEY_AMBULANCE_SIREN.isPressed() && event.getAction() == GLFW.GLFW_PRESS) {
            Entity entity = Minecraft.getInstance().player.getRidingEntity();
            if (entity instanceof AmbulanceEntity) {
                ((AmbulanceEntity) entity).updateSiren();


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KeyInputEvent is for raw keyboard input. Use ClientTickEvent to check key bindings.

Have you used the debugger? Is your sound created and started? Are there any errors?

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Just now, Yurim64 said:

Now i try to use ClientTickEvent and see if something changes

It won't.

1 minute ago, Yurim64 said:

There are no errors, the sound is loaded correctly.

Please post a Git repo of your mod.

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Ok, thanks for the help but I found the error.

It's a stupid one..

I continually send messages to the server to update the sound, then it keeps turning on / off. I changed some lines of code and now I can reproduce the sound correctly.

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