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I accidentally launched my personal forge server with the vanilla specific launcher... everything modded is gone

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So I accidentally started my personal forge server with the vanilla Minecraft server program (this server is run on my own device at home). When I connected to the server, everything that was related to my mods was gone, and all the modded blocks that had disappeared left these shadow glitches. Every item... everything structure... it was all gone. 

Realizing my mistake, I stopped the vanilla server and launched my forge server. When I connected this time, though, it was the same story... all the mods were loaded, as I could open and see JEI, but every modded item and block was still gone.

Now here's the tough part... This server is relatively new to me, so I had not thought to use any windows backups. I do not have any backups of the files from any external program. Because of this, I know my case is probably hopeless, but I thought I would check here and see if anyone had any tips for me to try.

In the server files, is there anything I can delete to erase the data I created today (i.e. the mistakes I made)? I know the dates of the last save that would have been good, and the date that everything got messed up, but I don't know if that is useful. Like I said, this all is relatively new to me.


Thanks for reading

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