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[1.16.5] My Entity Is Just A Shadow!


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The problem that I am having is that my entity, the 'Blomph', is a shadow when summoned, it has a hitbox and moves around but there is no model or texture, just a shadow. At first I thought it was a issue with my renderer class but I thoroughly looked through the renderer class and checked minecrafts own renderer classes just to make sure I was doing the right stuff. And yes, I've made countless entities before without this issue although I was in version 1.16.4 while making the entities. I have also checked the logs and there is nothing about the blomph not being able to render.



Image of the 'Blomph' Entity Which Is Having Problems Rendering.



Blomph Renderer Code ( Yes the Path to the Texture Is Right, I Checked It Many Times Just to Make Sure It Is Correct )



Client Events Code ( Ignore the Blight Of Night, That One Is Also Having the Same Issues As the Blomph )



Blomph Model Code ( I Used Tabula 1.15.2 Because Its Less Buggy, I Did Export The .Java File In Version 1.16.5 )



Thanks For Reading This! Please Let Me Know If You Know How to Fix This Issue!

~ CircleF1sh


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added model class pastebin
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