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  1. If you want to do this for an item you can just make a layered model. Look into spawneggs json files.
  2. https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Commands/team
  3. So i added a synchronization package. However it has to be noticed, that on the serverside the default stepheight is 1.0 but on the clientside it is 0.6. Is there a reason for this difference?
  4. So i tried to reset the stepheight of the player during the LivingEquipmentChangeEvent. However it seems like one side, either the client or the server doesn't seem to notice the change. Here is my Code: @SubscribeEvent public void armorUnEquip(LivingEquipmentChangeEvent event) { EquipmentSlotType slot = event.getSlot(); if (slot == EquipmentSlotType.FEET) { ItemStack stackFrom = event.getFrom(); ItemStack stackTo = event.getTo(); if (stackTo == ItemStack.EMPTY) { if (stackFrom.getItem() instanceof IUnEquip) {
  5. Can someone tell me what class can read nbt and create a new entity from the tag? I just found this post, but the corresponding class does no longer exist or has been renamed so i can't find it
  6. I think you can subscribe to the GuiOpenEvent and check if the event.getGui is an InventoryScreen. Then just replace with you own gui and load the custom container
  7. You still did not understand what diesieben07 said. You need to change your private final SoundEvent to a RegistryObject<SoundEvent>. After that you call the RegistryObject.get() function everytime you need the SoundEvent.
  8. So the problem is inside your chocolate.java class you register the items including spawn eggs for the entities before the entities are registered. swap both inits and you should be good
  9. You need to paste your stacktrace when you get NPEs. The NPE might be due to calling the entity type before it was registered.
  10. I think what you are missing is the actual function to build your entity type. Just add .build() and it should be fine. Also dont use static initializers as @diesieben07 already said. Use RegistryObjects instead. Here is an example of how i register entity types: public static RegistryObject<EntityType<EntityItemUpgradable>> ENTITY_UPGRADABLE = ALL.register("upgradable_type", () -> EntityType.Builder.<EntityItemUpgradable>create(EntityItemUpgradable::new, EntityClassification.MISC) .build(new ResourceLocation(Main.MODID, "u
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