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  1. You can get the client Player by calling Minecraft#getInstance#getPlayer
  2. Subscribe to PlayerRenderEvent.Pre and cancel it.
  3. You need to register your Attributes void to the Mod Eventbus.
  4. well you do not render your model. Inside your renderToBuffer method you need to render all ModelRenderers that you want to show
  5. For the mob spawning you could check when an entity joins the world (EntityJoinWorldEvent) and cancel that within a certain radius to your block. For the melting you would either use the randomtick of your block and manually melt ice around or use a tileentity for that
  6. You do not need to cancel the event. You need to set the GUI of the event to yours.
  7. So i solved this by using blockstates for the intermediate state where the block would not update and schedule a tick after the given amount of time. Then in the tick() method of the block i do my logic when the blockstate matches my intermediate state.
  8. I want to know how i can schedule changes to a blockstate after a certain amount of time. I want to change the blocks state of my block on right click after some seconds to render an animation during this time. How would i approach this?
  9. So i used a global list storing the entities affected by the freeze effect and manually ticked their effect in ServerTickEvent
  10. So as far as i can see this event is not even used by forge. Also refering to the documentation it would not fit my need.
  11. I don't think so, cuz i would need to modify vanilla entities for that.
  12. Is there a way to completely stop an entity from moving (including head, limbs...) for a certain amount of time? I have an effect that should freeze the entities. If i set their motion to 0 they can still move their legs or head. That effect is my effect and it should be able to be applied to all enemies.
  13. I need to get the active potion effect of an entity, but on the client side, since i need to render this entity based on the potion effect. Is there a way to sync the entities effects to the players client?
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