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[1.16.5] Cannot check if the player is in a specific biome


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I'm trying to check if the player is in a swamp biome. For some reason, it doesn't want to work though. This is what an old post used to make it work(it was recommended to them) but for some reason it doesn't seam to work even being in the same versions. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

public boolean onEntitySwing(ItemStack stack, LivingEntity entity) {
  World world = entity.level;
  Biome entityBiome = world.getBiome(entity.blockPosition());
  if(entityBiome == ForgeRegistries.BIOMES.getValue(Biomes.SWAMP.getRegistryName())) {


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1 minute ago, Skelyvelocirap said:

Registry#BIOMES? It doesn't show up for some reason. I get Registry#BIOME_REGISTRY and two other similar ones but not Registry#BIOMES. I tried the three other things and none of them are right.

I mean that but it dosen't work with Biomes, because you getting a RegistryKey<Biome>. You also can check if the Biome you get from the World eqauls Biomes#SWAMP

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12 minutes ago, Skelyvelocirap said:

I tried to do that but it doesn't work because Biomes#SWAMP is a registry key while World#GetBiome() returns a biome. In other words its the same as using the Registry#BIOMES_REGISTRY.

Check if the RessourceLocation from the biome and the RegistryKey#location are equal

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