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  1. 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
  2. use RenderTypeLookup#setRenderLayer in your FMLClientSetupEvent
  3. what is this supposed to do? if you want your block to be transparent, you have to add a RenderType to it in FMLClientSetupEvent
  4. my goal would be to generate a large main room with a lot of my custom ore, and to generate these several small rooms with less ore, the ore should be generated in the middle of the room, the rooms should also be connected with a kind of tunnel system. if I think about what I want to generate, it would be smartest to generate a structure instead of a featrure two more questions about structures: it is possible to generate structures in the code and not via nbt file and is there a vanilla structure that i can use as an example
  5. so i am not allowed to change the position in the feature makes sense after looking at the vanilla features so i have to create a placement for my feature, which then handle the position of the feature? But how do I put the bigger features? because my created feature is actually only a small part of what I want to generate. is there a vanilla example for a placement/feature of a larger feature, since the MonsterRoom feature is probably not suitable as an example for my purposes, or does it make more sense to create a structure for larger features and if so, how do I crea
  6. look at a vanilla example, the bed... the methods startSleeping and stopSleeping in the LivingEntity class are also interesting for you
  7. This is also the case, if I specify a position that is outside of these 8 chunks, there is an error on the console, but if I try to place a block outside of a 3 chunk radius, no block is placed, as already said outside the area no chunk seems to exist this is my feature: public class HardDeepslateFeature extends Feature<NoFeatureConfig> { public HardDeepslateFeature() { super(NoFeatureConfig.CODEC); } @Override public boolean place(ISeedReader seedReader, ChunkGenerator chunkGenerator, Random rng, BlockPos pos, NoFeatureConfig config) { Chunk chunk = (Chu
  8. I have created a custom feature which should generate my custom ore in the world, my ore should only generate in certain chunks with certain biomes, and this in a 5x5 chunk area (80x80 blocks), but after a lot of testing and fixing bugs, that's me noticed that my ore is only generated in a 3x3 chunk area, outside the area no chunk seems to exist. So is this intentional, or do I have to overwrite a method in my feature, or is this due to the "settings" of the ConfiguredFeature, or somewhere else?
  9. create the keybinding Register the keybinding with ClientRegistry#registerKeyBinding in the FMLClientSetupEvent uses the ClientTickEvent to check whether your KeyBinding is pressed and send a custom packet to the server (using a SimpleChannel) execute the code / your action in the handle method of your custom message (packet) okay the whole thing was very theoretical, here a practical example KeyBinding Registration ClientTickEvent Message (Packet)
  10. you should remove this because you are checking here if you are on the server (not on client) and the video shows that the server receives the changes but the client doesn't
  11. Constants.BlockFlags, in this class all BlockFlags are listed with an explanation
  12. you can use World#getEntitiesOfClass and use as class ItemEntiy, and create AxisAlignedBB with size 1 or you check out the methods fallOn and stepOn in your block class, fallOn is fired if an Entity fall on the Block (include ItemEntity), and stepOn is fired every tick an entity stand on the block (also inclue ItemEntity).
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