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  1. You have to move the method call #registerExtensionPoint into a separate class, because the Function within the Supplier accepts a Screen object, whereby you load the Screen class, which then causes the error. ModLoadingContext.get().registerExtensionPoint(ExtensionPoint.CONFIGGUIFACTORY, () -> (mc, screen) -> new ModConfig());
  2. First of all i do not recommend you to include you mod as a jar file, it's recommend to publish it to a local maven repository which you then include in your other projects. Secondly, I don't recommend you use native code with Minecraft. I have already tried this but have found that this can lead to terrible errors. I have tested the whole thing myself in my IDE and it works for me in IntelliJ: repositories { // ... flatDir { dirs("libs") // jar file must be in "<project_root>/libs" } // ... } dependencies { // ... implementation fg.deobf("blank:MC-AStar:1.20:1.0") // File pattern must be <name>-<mc_version>-<dependency_version> // ... }
  3. You can not send a callback using the vanilla packet system you have to send a new one as replay.
  4. You can get the Block using Level#getBlockState and then BlockState#getBlock to get the raw block.
  5. Try to add the OptionsRowList with Screen#addRenderableWidget in the init method.
  6. When using vanille you have to lerp the model part using partialTicks and two calculated values. In GeckoLib I don't know. You have to use a dynamic model based on some properties like from a player capability
  7. The only thing I noticed when debugging is that you use System.out for logging. I would recommend you to use the logger from the mdk because you get information like time, thread or the file directly to the output.
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