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  1. the mod Jade needs to update for the newer forge versions, if you want to use this mod downgrad to 39.0.44 or wait for a update of the mod
  2. create a new server an copy the world and mods folder into the new server, if you have changed the configs you also need to copy it. Also note if you have banned player or you use a whitelist/ you opt players you have to copy these files. This is the way I use, theoretically it's also possible to only replace the libraries folder and the run script files. But I haven't test that. nevermind D7 way is 10 times better😅 I would also recommend you to create a backup of the server before updating
  3. use your IDE to find the method with the correct parameters (Item#use) iirc the class is called Fireball or FireballEntity, use the screach function of your IDE to find the class and the correct constructor
  4. you can use https://gist.github.com/ to upload the log
  5. iirc the function you describe does never exists for the server console. Do you host the server on your pc?
  6. Valhelsia Structures needs to update for the new Forge version. If you want to use the Mod you need to downgrade to 39.0.44.
  7. this is a file on your pc, you can use https://imgur.com/ to post screenshots
  8. Minecraft 1.16 requires java 8-15, you currently using java 17, downgrade your java to 8 and the problem should be fixed. Note: do not use java 8 version 321
  9. I also noticed that I wanted to change my answer, but thanks for the correction😅, but I also realized that this could get a bit complicated, depends on how much you want to change the logic the global_loot_modifiers.json is required iirc
  10. the thread you linked is from 2013, the source code from mojang has changed a lot and forge use since 1.17 (1.16.5) mojang (offical) mappings, this means all classes, methods and fields have the same name as mojang source code. that means for you that this old thread is useless this is a documentation about forge, only important things are explained there, so not usage of each class, method and field if you want a javadoc for the minecraft source code you can use Parchment
  11. modified config: when you change any value from it's default to a custom one
  12. Error in flywheel, make sure the mod is up to date. If you already use the latest version of the mod report the bug to the mod author
  13. create your own thread and answer the following question there, do you have java installed?
  14. You have to create your own logic, since vanilla only check if it's the Fortune Enchantment (they don't use a instanceof check). For a custom logic I would recommend you to use Global Loot Modifier
  15. server: server directory/logs/debug.log client: .minecraft/logs/debug.log
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