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  1. post the full class (also your imports) and not as a screenshot, use the code feature
  2. damn i mean final, thanks this fixed the problem and is this important, or is this just debbing: Null comment for config option Nero Common Config, this is invalid and may be disallowed in the future.
  3. I understood how the method works my problem is that I don't have an instance of ConfigValue, I can't create a temporary new one and if I need the instance from the class in which the ConfigValue is located that I want to add to the config, the automatic addition is "for the bucket". the other possibility would be to set the fields with the ConfigValues to static, but i dont want to do that.
  4. Minecraft#getInstance -> is client side and the BlockEvent$BreakEvent is only executed on the server GameType = GameMode the player's game mode is saved in the PlayerInteractionManager. if you need your gamemode of the player do something like this: Note: this is only on server side, so you need to check if the Player you get, an instance of ServerPlayerEntity is player.gameMode.getGameModeForPlayer();
  5. so i need the class of the ConfigValue there? and ConfigValue.class doesn't work
  6. you have to overwrite the DimensionType file (minecraft / data / dimension_type / the_nether.json) create a file with the exact name in this directory, take a look at these two links my dimension type for a new dimension and the minecraft wiki for dimensions (look at the vanilla defaults) https://github.com/Luis-st/Forge-1.16.5-Nero/blob/main/src/main/resources/data/nero/dimension_type/deepslate.json https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Custom_dimension
  7. yes the game starts, the config is also created, but the try-catch block still catches an exception for each ConfigValue, I also get a NullPointerException when I use the values that I set via reflection in the code (xp drop of my custom ores)
  8. that doesn't fix the problem i still get the same error; i now use the ClassLoader of my main class! this is the update code
  9. you need: a github account a git client (e.g. GitHub Desktop) create: create a new repository (file -> new repository) search the folder and add all the files of your mod replace all files that have been created automatically with those of forge if available (never the .git folder) use the push button to publish your repo, don't use the button "keep this code private" points 2 and 3 can change if you do this directly from your IDE (I have no idea how you do it from your IDE) post the link of your reop
  10. okay makes sense, but can i get the ClassLoader of my main mod class? can i do something like that: Nero.class.getClassLoader()
  11. 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
  12. huh? AutomaticEventSubscriber uses the ClassLoader to register the event to the EventBus, but I don't have to register anything
  13. okay AutomaticEventSubscriber uses the ClassLoader of the mod main class, but I didn't use a ClassLoader in my code, so where do I have to set/use the ClassLoader?
  14. I have now created a custom config system which also works, but I get an error that is actually not possible: log part: [11:43:37] [modloading-worker-1/WARN] [ne.lu.ne.Nero/]: Can't define Config Value coalXpMin java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can not set net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeConfigSpec$ConfigValue field net.luis.nero.api.block.ModOreBlock.coalXpMin to net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeConfigSpec$ConfigValue complete log: log.log this is the config class this is the config value class
  15. DeferredRegisty ForgeRegistries#POTIONS for an effect, ForgeRegistries#POTION_TYPES -> for a potion
  16. you have to tell minecraft where to find the texture for your model use this as a practical example
  17. you need to stitch the texture in the TextureStitchEvent.Pre
  18. I fixed it, thank you for your help
  19. If I look at the AnnotationData and the methods you have listed, I cannot find a usable method since I can't do anything with the target/class type, the name of the target doesn't help with fields and methods either. what does the map contain, the AnnotationData#getAnnotationData returns
  20. with which method do I get the object which has the annotation
  21. I have a custom recipe system, I use annotations to register the recipe methods faster and easier, which currently only works in classes that extend my recipe helper. I would like to extend this to all classes that have an annotation similar to the event registration of forge. I also need the classes for a config system in which I add an annotation to a fields and these are automatically added to my config, the implementaion is not perfect/finished but here is a small example: @ConfigValue(valueName = "example", comment = "This is an example") public static int example;
  22. you return the actual method in the method that does not work and is there a reason why you are not using the code feature?
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