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[1.6.2] Redstone Code being buggy?


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Hey guys! I am adding basic logic gates to my mod and I have them working, but they're buggy as crap. There may be other bugs besides this one, but I have noticed that if I place something like this:


(topdown view)




The redstone in front and the gates all get screwed up and do things they shouldnt... I am working on this but I REALLY need some help wtih this.. I cant figure out whats causing this. I know that my code is a bit overcomplicated right now and I intend to fix it, but I don't think thats whats causing this... The gates do work.. but when you do things like what I showed above, they break. Here is the source:



If anyone can help, PLEASE reply asap! I really need to fix these bugs! Thanks!


Edit: it seems that the code that is detecting whether an input is on or not is returning true and false flipping back and forth even though im only running it on the server... ideas?


So, i only set my blocks metadata when its placed, so HOW THE HELL is it changing?!?!? dafuq?

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Okay guys, so I have everything working BUT, my output wire .. well.. i have to manually cause a block update on it to get it to update and ive tried just about every single update method i could find but nothing is working... ideas?

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