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Detecting if the character has a specific armor equiped


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Assuming you are doing this with a blockActivated() or itemRightClick(), you can use the player parameter to do this:


int id = player.inventory.armorInSlot(slot).itemID;
if(id == myItem.itemID)
//do stuff


Vanilla code.

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If you are using eclipse, right click in the file, go to source, select Override/Implement methods, go to the Item head, and select onArmorTickUpdate() and it will override it for you in your file. Then you add your code there.

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You just need to subscribe to the Event "RenderPlayerEvent.Specials.Post". This will secure that your glow will be rendered AFTER (use .Pre if you want it before) everything else. You can do this like this:

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.EventHandler;
import net.minecraftforge.client.event.RenderPlayerEvent.Post;

class YourRenderer {
public void renderGlow(Post renderEvent)
Player p = renderEvent.entityPlayer;
boolean isHelmet = (p.getCurrentArmor(0).getItem() instanceof YourArmorClass);

Put the method whereever you want, preferably in a new class that will handle all your rendering stuff or something. All you have to do is creating a new Instance of this class in your @Mod-class I guess (at least that's how I understood the @EventHandler thingy). This means in your @Mod file there is a variable declared:

class bla {
private YourRenderer myRenderer = new YourRenderer(); //Instance


That done myRenderer is now ready to receive events of type RenderPlayerEvent.Specials.Post.

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