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[SOLVED]Rendering entities like Snowballs


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Hi, I'm wondering how I would go about rendering an entity like a snowball. Like, I've created the entity and it works fine, it's just invisible because the renderer doesn't know how to. What class do I need to make a stuff to register the entity and how to render it in game?

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I haven't tested it with 1.6.x yet, but this is the way I've been doing it:


public void AddRenderer (Map map)
    	map.put(EntityGravelChunk.class, new RenderSnowball(GravelChunk));


In your main class, where the item name inside RenderSnowball() is the name of the item you want the entity to render as. I'm not 100 percent sure that's the method though, so if you know where to put the render stuff and it isn't there, then justput RenderSnowball() for rendering them.

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Oops, that mighta been my old code. Try this instead, add these lines to your public void load() method:

EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityGravelChunk.class, "GravelChunk", 4, this, 40, 3, true);

RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityGravelChunk.class, new RenderSnowball(GravelChunk));


the variables there in refisterModEntity are the class file for the entity, its "name", its ID, the next one is always this, then the distance that it renders from (if you go farther away you will not be able to see it), then the next one  I forget, but I always have it set to 3 so I guess use that, and the last one should always be true. You might have that already, I dunnoh.

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