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Errors in currently selected datapacks prevented the world from loading


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I tried adding tags to my mod, and when I ran the client, this appears whenever I want to create a world or play a previously made world.


Tag creation:

public class mzojPaintTags {
	public static class Items {
		//paint brushes
		public static final Tags.IOptionalNamedTag<Item> PAINT_BRUSHES = createTag("paint_brushes");
		public static final Tags.IOptionalNamedTag<Item> PAINT_BUCKETS = createTag("paint_buckets");
		private static Tags.IOptionalNamedTag<Item> createTag(String name) {
			return ItemTags.createOptional(new ResourceLocation(Main.MOD_ID, name));
		private static Tags.IOptionalNamedTag<Item> createForgeTag(String name) {
			return ItemTags.createOptional(new ResourceLocation("forge", name));

Setting blocks to tag:

	"values": [


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