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Forge Server 1.17.1 - Nothing spawns in Nether Fortresses


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Hello! I want to thank everyone beforehand for the help.

A week ago I decided to make a forge server(after waiting a while for it to get released) so that I can play there with my friends. The server is being hosted by me and we use hamachi so that the others can connect to it as well. As we were playing, we didn't see any big issues, though at some point, one of my friends decided to farm wither skulls. The problem is that, whenever we go to any fortress in the nether, no fortress mobs spawn(such as wither skeletons, normal skeletons and the other mobs that fortresses spawn). Its just empty. Only mobs that can be seen there are the blazes that got spawned from spawners, but nothing else can naturally spawn there.

I suppose it's prefferable if I provide any information that I have about the issue, so:

- I have gone through all gamerules that can have an impact on fortress spawns.

- I have gone through all config files.

- I tried killing all entities using the /kill @e command, but it didn't do the job.

- I checked the difficulty setting multiple times, switched it between peaceful, easy, normal and hard, after which mobs just respawned everywhere except in the fortress.

- I made a copy of the world folder and deleted all server files, after which I reinstalled it.

- We play on vanilla, only non-vanilla things that we use are optifine and resource packs, which don't impact the issue.

- I believe that it's important to state that I made a copy of the world in my saves folder on singleplayer, launched the world and hopped into the nether, and after going to a fortress, everything was normal and every nether fortress mob was spawning there without any issues, so I suppose that the problem is coming from the server side of things.

- Before using forge server, we used to host the server just with hamachi(via the Open to LAN feature), after which i transfered the world to the server folder. This deleted all user data, so I am providing this info in case it could be connected to my issue as well.


Thanks for your time, I wish that we manage to resolve the issue.

EDIT: This problem appears in pillager outposts as well - they dont spawn any pillagers, though the iron golems in the cages are there

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