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Overridding vanilla block without extending its class


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I recently added rail intersection and turnout to my mod. They're working properly with minecart, but not with the other rails (problem with connecting), so I decided to modify minecraft rail system, add more rail shapes to it and modify some methods to support them. I created a class that overrides AbstractRailBolck and now I've a problem because standard rail classes extend AbstractRailBlock, so I've to create class that extends my AbstractRailBlock extended class to override default rail. When I tried to run minecraft I received this error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid vanilla replacement. See log for details.

Is it possible to override vanilla rails without extending their classes? I know that minecart code also must be modified, but this is task for another time. Obliviusly my rail class has got the same names of block properties as the default one. I'm using Minecraft 1.16.5 and Forge 36.2.0.

PS: Sorry for my English.

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The class must extend the vanilla block's class or only properties must be same?

My rail has a shape property like the vanilla one, but I created for it a new enum with more states. Will it be a problem even if I modify all scripts that are using the old rail properties?

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