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Getting "Exit Code: 0" whenever I try to launch Forge 1.16.5, but no problems when trying other versions?


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So I've run into a pretty strange issue. Whenever I try to run Forge 1.16.5, the game doesn't even begin to start, it just immediately crashes and sends me back to a launcher with an exit code 0 error. I've tried several other versions of Forge 1.16.5, same issue. With any other version this isn't a problem, including vanilla 1.16.5 and Forge 1.16.4. It's obviously not any particular mod that's an issue since there's no change when I try to run it with or without mods. I like to consider myself somewhat experienced in modding at this point but I'm beyond confused on what to do here. Help would be greatly appreciated, here's a pastebin with the launcher logs if it's helpful https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VrNh545xXj/


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1 hour ago, diesieben07 said:

You installed a Mod that requires 1.16.5 on 1.16.4. Why are you using 1.16.4?

That log was apparently from me trying to test if my other profiles loaded up yesterday so I didn't worry about whatever mods I had loaded. After trying to run forge 1.16.5 again it looks like debug.log won't even update when launching that version.

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