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some item json model problem

Alien teslla

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(sorry for bad English)

hi , i want to make a model for my item that its texture contain a word with four character .

i try to change the texture with this part of java cod and

public static class ItemRanged extends Item {
		public ItemRanged() {
			super(new Item.Properties().group(ItemGroup.COMBAT).maxDamage(1000));
			this.addPropertyOverride(new ResourceLocation("key"), new IItemPropertyGetter(){ .....


  "parent": "parentlocation",
  "overrides": [
	{"predicate": {"char1": 1 
                  "char2": 1, 
                  "char3": 1, 
                  "char4": 1 
                  }, "model": "modelLoctaion1" },
	{"predicate": {"char1": 2 ... }, "model": "modelLoctaion2" },
	{"predicate": {"char1": 3 ... }, "model": "modelLoctaion3" },
	{"predicate": {"char1": 4 ...}, "model": "modelLoctaion4" }....

as you know addPropertyOverride method get a key and for that key change the model we see how it work in compos

but now if i want to do so , i have to make something around 614000 different model .

is there a better way to change the textures location base on a variable in java ?

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13 hours ago, Skyriis said:

This isn't the gradle subforum ether. Is it?

Why would you need to create so much models?

i don't actually , i just need to change some of texture in texture mapping

"textures": {
		"1": "rick:blocks/glob",
		"2": "rick:blocks/texture",
		"3": "rick:param1/C",
		"4": "rick:param2/1",
		"5": "rick:param3/3",
          "6": "rick:param3/7",
		"particle": "rick:items/pp"

for example i want to change "3" & "4" & "5" object  contents to show a name on my item something like c137😉 which it be changeable during the game .

well i don,t know how to do that in a proper way .

i try the addProrpertyOverride method but it cause to those many model!


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