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Best way to make the client close the deathscreen/respawn a player [1.16.5]


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I'm trying to make a client respawn when certain conditions are met which I currently accomplish by just setting the player health to 20 however this does not cause the death screen to disapear.
Is there a way to eighter make the deathscreen disapear or send a message to the client to emulate a respawn button press?
If anyone knows of a better way to handle this that would work aswell.

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I think I have everything mostly down however this little bit of the packet sending is causing me grief:

    private static void respawnPlayer(ServerPlayerEntity player) {
        ImmortalityRespawnToClient msg = new ImmortalityRespawnToClient(true);
        PondWeaponMod.simpleChannel.send(PacketDistributor.PLAYER.with(player), msg);

I cannot figure out how the PacketDistributor#PLAYER.with function wants me to pass the ServerPlayerEntity.
It seems to ask for a Supplier<ServerPlayerEntity> but I cannot cast or figure out how to insert a ServerPlayerEntity into that.
If you could help me out here (or at least point me in the right direction) that would be greatly appreciated.

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