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How does one render an entity on client side only.


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HI duck, I think you should be able to just render the player at the centre of the screen, and scale it according to the distance of the ray tracing.

I have recently accomplished similar target, but in this case I'm doing the laser projection on the wall: Video

The laser rotates, scales, and the alpha changes according to the position of the hit, which I think is probably easier than actually render the thing in the world.

I might be wrong tho, I would also like to see if we have any other better solution.

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For just showing the player you could look at how the inventory does it, which it does in the renderEntityInInventory method in the InventoryScreen class (at least with offical mappings). 

This is the code for it, along with explanations on what I think all of the parameters mean


What I think these variables mean
@param p_228187_0_ The x position of where the player should be rendered
@param p_228187_1_ The y position of where the player should be rendered
@param p_228187_2_ The scale
@param p_228187_3_ Rotation on the z axis, I'm guessing just for the head
@param p_228187_4_ Rotation on the x axis, this time I'm guessing for the entire entity
@param p_228187_5_ The player (or any entity I'm guessing) that you want to render
public static void renderEntityInInventory(int p_228187_0_, int p_228187_1_, int p_228187_2_, float p_228187_3_, float p_228187_4_, LivingEntity p_228187_5_) {
      float f = (float)Math.atan((double)(p_228187_3_ / 40.0F));
      float f1 = (float)Math.atan((double)(p_228187_4_ / 40.0F));
      RenderSystem.translatef((float)p_228187_0_, (float)p_228187_1_, 1050.0F);
      RenderSystem.scalef(1.0F, 1.0F, -1.0F);
      MatrixStack matrixstack = new MatrixStack();
      matrixstack.translate(0.0D, 0.0D, 1000.0D);
      matrixstack.scale((float)p_228187_2_, (float)p_228187_2_, (float)p_228187_2_);
      Quaternion quaternion = Vector3f.ZP.rotationDegrees(180.0F);
      Quaternion quaternion1 = Vector3f.XP.rotationDegrees(f1 * 20.0F);
      float f2 = p_228187_5_.yBodyRot;
      float f3 = p_228187_5_.yRot;
      float f4 = p_228187_5_.xRot;
      float f5 = p_228187_5_.yHeadRotO;
      float f6 = p_228187_5_.yHeadRot;
      p_228187_5_.yBodyRot = 180.0F + f * 20.0F;
      p_228187_5_.yRot = 180.0F + f * 40.0F;
      p_228187_5_.xRot = -f1 * 20.0F;
      p_228187_5_.yHeadRot = p_228187_5_.yRot;
      p_228187_5_.yHeadRotO = p_228187_5_.yRot;
      EntityRendererManager entityrenderermanager = Minecraft.getInstance().getEntityRenderDispatcher();
      IRenderTypeBuffer.Impl irendertypebuffer$impl = Minecraft.getInstance().renderBuffers().bufferSource();
      RenderSystem.runAsFancy(() -> {
         entityrenderermanager.render(p_228187_5_, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0F, 1.0F, matrixstack, irendertypebuffer$impl, 15728880);
      p_228187_5_.yBodyRot = f2;
      p_228187_5_.yRot = f3;
      p_228187_5_.xRot = f4;
      p_228187_5_.yHeadRotO = f5;
      p_228187_5_.yHeadRot = f6;


This code is all untested however so I'm guessing you'll need a lot of other functions inside of the class, so here's just the entire thing

[removed copy-pasted vanilla code]

Hope this helps

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