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[1.16.4]Trying to remove vanilla recipe using Datapack fail


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Instead of saying "it doesn't work", I say how it is. I fail at doing it. That's what I'm having:

  "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped",
  "pattern": [
    " XX",
    " #X",
    " # "
  "key": {
    "#": {
      "tag": "forge:rods/wooden"
    "X": {
      "tag": "minecraft:planks"
  "result": {
    "item": "minecraft:wooden_axe"

It sits inside the data.minecraft.recipes folder. My goal is to entirely remove, or hide the vanilla recipe, so that it does not show up in Survival/Hardcore(Creative is fine). The problem is, trying to remove any of the structure expected by the engine will result in a "Couldn't parse data file minecraft:wooden_axe from minecraft:recipes/wooden_axe.json" error. This technically does what I want, hiding/removing the recipe. But certainly I do not want to do this while at the same time creating an error. 

In any of those threads users are talking about doing it, but actually never show "how" to do it. I've yet to figure if I can actually achieve it with Datapacks, or have to use the "normal" coding way due to the involvement of Forge, and how it overrides the vanilla datapack with its own.

Edit: So in this video the user is actually using  what I would call a "hack", by replacing the result with item minecraft:barrier. But I don't want to create a barrier, or Air, or whatever. I want to remove the recipe or hide it. Unless creating a replacer item is the only way to do it?


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Sorry. I was busy this week. I watched a different tutorial, and found this hack quite convenient:

    "ingredients": [{ "item": "minecraft:air" }],
    "result": { "item": "minecraft:barrier" }

I had to change the achievement database accordingly for issues regarding barrier icon issues, in the crafting menu.

But to adress your proposal. The correct way to remove vanilla recipes is by adding a simple "false type" condition check?

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16 minutes ago, Cratthorax said:

But to adress your proposal. The correct way to remove vanilla recipes is by adding a simple "false type" condition check?

the condition would disable the recipe, so yes that's the "correct way"

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