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How does the AttributeSystem work?


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Hi guys,

as of the new update for 1.6 some code changed. One of these changes is that the Entity-sensitive method getDamage(...) for example swords got removed. Also a new method, not deobfuscated yet, has been introduced. (Item#func_111205_h()). You return a Multimap<String, AttributeModifier>. The sword for example puts a new entry in there: .put("generic.attackDamage", new AttributeModifier(..., ..., (double)this.weaponDamage, 0). This means what you guess when first looking at it: The sword damages with its attackDamage (normal damage). Done. Easy. The problem now is that there is no way known to me that this is entity-sensitive. At first I thought that maybe all entries of the map are passed to the entity but no. Putting something else than "generic.attackDamage" in there doesn't seem to affect anything. Do you know any solution? Or is this something not implemented?


Looking forward to your answers :) Ty

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