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Combine banners with custom shields


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I'm trying to make it so that Minecraft banners can be combined with my custom shields.

I have created the ShieldRecipes.java class which extends SpecialRecipe and handles the logic.

I have registered this recipe in my main mod class, Mores.java

However, when I try to combine them in a crafting table, there is no output item, aka it doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

GitRepo: https://github.com/Leronus/mOres


Classes used:



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6 hours ago, Luis_ST said:

you don't need a custom recipe, it should work by default if your Shield is an instance of ShieldItem, your ISTER use the vanilla logic and you have the correct texture template 

I do need a custom recipe because I'm using my own ItemShield.java class, which extends ShieldItem.java

It does not work as it is now

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1 hour ago, diesieben07 said:

This is untrue.

@LeronusYou cannot create registry entries in a static initializer. You must create them in the registry event, I would recommend using DeferredRegister.

I also still cannot find any recipe JSON in your repository that uses your shield_decoration serializer.

Thanks, I got it working now!

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