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Forge 37.1 Minecraft 1.17.1


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Forge Version: 37.1.0

Minecraft Version: 1.17.1



It's been a long time coming, but this is the final release for 1.17 as we move onto 1.18.

This marks the deprecation of 1.17 and the sustainance of 1.16 as our LTS version.



  • Added a new tag-based tool system, based on a new ToolAction type.
  • Added compatibility with shears and shields to the above tool system
  • Added a new capabilities system that isn't based on annotations.
  • Added a RegisterCapabilitiesEvent.
  • Added a PlayerPermissionChangedEvent to monitor for /op usage.
  • Added a RegisterClientReloadListenersEvent.
  • Added the EntityRenderersEvent.[RegisterLayerDefinitions && RegisterRenderers && AddLayers] events for more conrol over entity rendering.
  • Added a RegisterShadersEvent for custom render shaders with the new pipeline.
  • Added onDatapackSyncEvent for sending extra information to the client from a server.
  • Added EntityEvent.EnteringSection to replace the old EnteringChunk event.
  • Added custom pack finders - AddPackFindersEvent + PathResourcePackAdded a new Tooltip event system
  • Added RenderStateShard hooks
  • Added hooks for custom boat models & textures.
  • Added a forceSystemNanoTime config option to alleviate performance issues with the glfwGetTime method.
  • Added an AT to make Features.Decorators public for modders
  • Added a hook for custom sweep ranges in weapons.
  • Added "remove" lists to tag datagenerators
  • Added lazy capabilities for ItemStacks to increase performance.
  • Added canConnectRedstone hooks to BlockState for futher connection customization
  • Added back linear filtering options for text rendering.
  • Added a GUI stacking system.
  • Added ForgeSpawnEggItem that can handle EntityTypes lazily to work around registry order issues.
  • Added hooks in AdvancementProvider
  • Added hooks for worldgen extensibility in Noise based classes.
  • Added the entity cause to the PotionAddedEvent
  • Added a way to see the fullPots map in FlowerPotBlock
  • Added hooks to ScrollPanel to make it easier to use in a mod.
  • Added deprecation on Forge's Constants class with a notice to use vanilla's constants.
  • Added extra mouse event hooks so that things handled by the game can be listened for


  • Fix entities entering a pathfinding loop and spinning in circles.
  • Fix ProjectileImpactEvent bugs caused by using generics unnecessarily.
  • Fix installer breaking when there's a space in the installation path
  • Fix syncing of custom ingredients
  • Fix pairs of apostrophes being removed from ForgeInternationalizaton strings
  • Fix pickblock for items that have multiple blocks
  • Fix initializeClient methods running in datagenerators
  • Fix pet death message being sent when it is cancelled by event.
  • Fix custom WoodTypes causing signs to break
  • Fix waterlogged blocks displaying air for a frame when broken
  • Fix non-flammable blocks with a flammable material catching fire next to lava
  • Fix Part Entities not working.
  • Fix spectating Part Entities not working.
  • Fix WorldEvent.Load not firing before chunks are created in the overworld.
  • Fix death message for tamed animals
  • Fix issues in BackgroundScanHandler related to poor disk IO
  • Fix an infinite loop when dismounting in EntityMountEvent
  • Fix render pipeline having issues with small cubes.
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