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  1. Hi, We've had a strange pattern of spam bots flooding our forums recently; they seem to take over accounts that have not been touched in over a year through some unknown mechanism. We have no reason to believe we have been breached, there is no evidence of intrusion or malicious access. It simply appears that these accounts were poorly secured. As a precaution, we've decided to reset the password of every account on the forum. If you're unable to access your email account, you may reach out to us for a manual reset and change of email account (as long as you can prove you own that account!). Please remember best security practices; use a password manager and strong, automatically generated passwords (we recommend keepass, lastpass, or dashlane), and don't reuse passwords across sites. If you feel like this is too much hassle, we've also enabled the option for you to link a Google account and use it to log in, with no password required (after the initial reset, that is) Sorry for the inconvenience, but we believe this is a necessary step to secure our systems. Thanks.
  2. Two things. One, 12GB is way too much RAM for Minecraft. Above 6GB you'll be getting noticeable freezing from the time it takes just to run a garbage collection. Two, it looks like there's a hidden mixin or coremod crash here. Do you have Optifine in the mods folder? If so, remove it - it's probably not compatible. If not... No idea.
  3. To be more specific, it looks like the Unearthed mod is attempting to coremod a client-only method, which does not exist on the server. Hence the difference in behavior.
  4. The version you are using is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support. Currently supported versions are 1.18.1/1.18.2 (Latest) and 1.16.5 (LTS).
  5. The version you are using is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support. Currently supported versions are 1.18.1/1.18.2 (Latest) and 1.16.5 (LTS).
  6. 1.12 is not supported on this forum. Update to a modern version to receive support.
  7. 1.12 is not supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version to receive support.
  8. Forge Version: 40.1.0 Minecraft Version: 1.18.2 Downloads: Changelog: (Direct) Installer: (AdFocus) (Direct) MDK: (AdFocus) (Direct) Intro: Delayed for longer than we'd have liked, but here it is! 1.18 is stable, and we now think it's worth shipping. From here on out it's just cleanup and additions to the API. New: Automatic confirmation (and saving of) the Experimental Settings warning. (#7275) Event for detecting when a projectile weapon wants ammo. (#8322) Mod Screens may have their own recipe book. (#8028) Event for controlling the size of potion indicators (#8483) Event for controlling when Endermen get angry at a player. (#8406) Hooks for retreiving and modifying the FoodProperties of an item, with entity context. (#8477) Option for block to hide faces of neighboring blocks. (#8300) Redesigned registry system to account for the new Holder system and custom tags. (#8495) Sound instances can play custom sources and streams. (#8295) Re-engineered fog events. (#8492) Redesigned skull block API. (#8351) Hook for custom snowshoes. (#8514) Fixed: DeferredRegister is not compatible with vanilla (ie. not Forge-wrapped) registries. (#8527) HOE_TILL action is disabled. (#8577) Durability bars don't respect custom item max damage. (#8482) gameTime is not available from WorldTickEvent and ServerTickEvent. (#8470) Indirect damage from a Wither is not attributed correctly. (#8431) Local variables aren't cleared when RuntimeEnumExtender runs. (#8502) MC-176559; Mending enchantment causes block breaking progress to reset when picking up experience. (#7606) Cancelling ServerChatEvent causes a NullPointerException. (#8516) MobEffect IDs are limited to 255. (#8380) Bamboo does not implement IPlantable. (#8508) Recipe#isIncomplete returns inaccurate values for empty tags. (#8549)
  9. You'll have to ask the Fabric developers. Forge is a completely seperate project. We can't help you with issues caused by their tools.
  10. MCPBot is not K9. MCPBot has been shut down. Neither will help with renamed Forge classes. It tracks changes in vanilla.
  11. You need to use the SRG name of fields when using the ObfuscationReflectionHelper. That's the one that looks like f_12313_.
  12. The Documentation has not yet been updated for the new version. We've spent most of the time fixing bugs that make the game crash. We'll get onto documentation soon. For now, most information is still correct, there have just been a few renames and refactors. You can see those in the post i made for 38.0 in the Releases section of this forum. Overall, very few changes needed.
  13. Unknown module securejarhandler implies that some libraries were missed during the installation. I suggest you redownload the latest installer and run it again.
  14. Forge Version: 38.0.6 Minecraft Version: 1.18 Downloads: Changelog: (Direct) Installer: (AdFocus) (Direct) MDK: (AdFocus) (Direct) However, as this is the start of a new version, it is recommended that you check the Downloads Page and use the latest version to receive any bug fixes. Intro: 1.17 was a stepping stone, and 1.18 is the real target. The culmination of the Caves & Cliffs update, with few real code changes from 1.17 except those required to plug in the new biome system. This is our new Latest version. As we had some time before the release, we handled some refactors beforehand. Those will be listed here. Changelog: Refactors (not comprehensive): 99% of the fmllegacy package. Most classes were simply moved from x.y.fmllegacy.z to x.y.z. All instances of Gui -> Screen (GuiOpenEvent -> ScreenOpenEvent, for example) GuiScreenEvent -> ScreenEvent, GuiOverlayDebugForge -> ForgeDebugScreenOverlay All instances of GameMode -> GameType (ClientPlayerChangeGameModeEvent -> ClientPlayerChangedGameTypeEvent, for example) All instances of MatrixStack -> PoseStack (DrawSelectionEvent.matrix -> DrawSelectionEvent.poseStack, for example All instances of KeyBinding -> KeyMapping (ClickInputEvent.keyBinding -> ClickInputEvent.keyMapping, for example All instances of World -> Level All instances of WorldType -> WorldPreset (ForgeHooksClient.getDefaultWorldType -> ForgeHooksClient.getDefaultWorldPreset, for example All instances of NBT -> Tag (BlockSnapshot.getNbt -> BlockSnapshot.getTag, for example) All instances of Container -> Menu (IForgeContainerType -> IForgeMenuType, for example) PlaySoundEvent.sound -> PlaySoundEvent.originalSound PlaySoundEvent.result -> PlaySoundEvent.sound SoundEvent.manager -> SoundEvent.engine SoundEvent.SoundSourceEvent.source -> SoundEvent.SoundSourceEvent.channel FOVUpdateEvent -> FOVModifierEvent EntityViewRenderEvent.FOVModiier -> EntityViewRenderEvent.FieldOfView InputUpdateEvent -> MovementInputUpdateEvent InitScreenEvent.{...Widget...} -> {...Listener...} ForgeItemTagsProvider.func_240521_a_Colored -> copyColored MobSpawnInfoBuilder -> MobSpawnSettingBuilder BasicTrade -> BasicItemListing ModelLoader -> ForgeModelBakery ForgeWorldTypeScreens -> ForgeWorldPresetEditors StackList -> MultItemValue Removals: Entire Animation API IForgeTextureAtlasSprite IForgeItem.{showDurabiityBar, getDurabilityForDisplay, getRGBDurabilityForDisplay} ForgeHooksClient.refreshResources ModelBuilder.gui3d BlockInfo.{updateShift, getShx, getShy, getShz} CapabilityInject CapabilityManager.register ConditionalAdvancement.processConditions IForgeItem.isShield IForgeStructureFeature.{getDefaultSpawnList, getDefaultCreatureSpawnList} Forge's Constants class VanillaResourceType ForgeHooksClient.worldRenderPass (+ accessor) ForgeHooksClient.{preDraw, postDraw, getColorIndex} ScrollPanel.drawBackground Screen.{RenderToolTip, RenderComponentToolTip} ResourceManager.getResourceType LootPool.bonusRolls ForgeConfig - selectiveResourceReload PotionEvent.PotionAddedEvent ClientHooks ModFileResourcePack ResourcePackLoader.getResourcePackFor ResourcePackLoader.IPackInfoFinder ServerLifecycleHooks.buildPackFinder IResourceType ReloadRequirements CommandSetDimension
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