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  1. There's a flag in the game that prevents it from checking for changed abilities every tick. I believe it's hurtMarked()? Try using that, to tell the game something has changed.
  2. There's a mod version mismatch here. Fastbench wants a more recent version of Forge than you have. I suggest checking if there's a new version of the All The Mods 8 server package, or if not, asking the All The Mods Team, since this seems like a large flaw.
  3. The version you are using is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
  4. We've decided on what to do. It's somewhat complicated, so i made a blog post about it. In short, we're going to keep 1.18.2 as our LTS, but allow PRs to 1.19.2. See more information here: http://blog.minecraftforge.net/announcements/1192dilemma/
  5. 1.19.3 has now stabilized, and the breaking changes period is over! From now on, these announcement posts are going to be hosted on our Blog, since it's far easier to write these posts for that format. See the further information and download links here: http://blog.minecraftforge.net/releases/1193rb1/
  6. Minecraft 1.18.2 has a second Recommended Build, as we've decided it shall remain the LTS version. From now on, these RB posts are going to be hosted on our Blog instead, since it's far easier to write them for the blog than for this forum. See the details and download links here: http://blog.minecraftforge.net/releases/1182rb2/
  7. The point of this is that we believe Mojang is changing how they do versioning. .0 versions going forward seem like they're going to just be moving all the features they add in minor versions into the normal feature set. So, they'll have the same amount of bugs (since the code and items and blocks and etc are already there) but more features than the last minor (since they're still in feature flags). Therefore, it makes more sense to have the major version be the LTS: same bugs, more content.
  8. Forge works on a Latest + LTS maintainence policy: we support the latest version of the game, and one other. Currently, the latest is 1.19.3 and the LTS is 1.18.2. However, 1.19.3 brought a lot of breaking changes in the game's code, which created a "barrier" of sorts when maintaining mods. It essentially needs to be treated as a separate version entirely from 1.19.2. We cannot support all 3 (1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.3) at the same time, and we are committed to supporting the latest, so we have a choice: keep our LTS as it is, or change it to 1.19.2. It is important to note that this is more than likely not the last time this is going to happen. Mojang recently implemented something called "Feature Flags", which more-or-less allows features to be added in a minor version, bug tested, fixed and polished, before being activated in the next major release. We expect that this will cause major breaking changes in lots of minor updates, so the decision here will set a precedent: if we go the route of supporting 1.19.2 and 1.19.3, we'll more than likely change the way the LTS system works entirely; supporting only the most recent major and minor versions. As an example of what I mean: come the release of 1.21.5, we'll be supporting 1.21.0 as LTS, and 1.21.5 as latest. In all likelihood, there will be significant code change between the two, based on patterns we've observed so far. We are unsure where to go, so we decided to put this decision to the community: this poll will last about a week, and the most popular option will be the route we take.
  9. It's pretty simple. That mod is broken. There's nothing you can do about it except wait for the developers to fix it.
  10. This is the Forge forums. We do not use, and cannot help you, with Fabric. Try the Fabric forum?
  11. Hi, We've had a strange pattern of spam bots flooding our forums recently; they seem to take over accounts that have not been touched in over a year through some unknown mechanism. We have no reason to believe we have been breached, there is no evidence of intrusion or malicious access. It simply appears that these accounts were poorly secured. As a precaution, we've decided to reset the password of every account on the forum. If you're unable to access your email account, you may reach out to us for a manual reset and change of email account (as long as you can prove you own that account!). Please remember best security practices; use a password manager and strong, automatically generated passwords (we recommend keepass, lastpass, or dashlane), and don't reuse passwords across sites. If you feel like this is too much hassle, we've also enabled the option for you to link a Google account and use it to log in, with no password required (after the initial reset, that is) Sorry for the inconvenience, but we believe this is a necessary step to secure our systems. Thanks.
  12. Two things. One, 12GB is way too much RAM for Minecraft. Above 6GB you'll be getting noticeable freezing from the time it takes just to run a garbage collection. Two, it looks like there's a hidden mixin or coremod crash here. Do you have Optifine in the mods folder? If so, remove it - it's probably not compatible. If not... No idea.
  13. To be more specific, it looks like the Unearthed mod is attempting to coremod a client-only method, which does not exist on the server. Hence the difference in behavior.
  14. The version you are using is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support. Currently supported versions are 1.18.1/1.18.2 (Latest) and 1.16.5 (LTS).
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