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New Launcher - Help on Installing Different Versions of Minecraft with Forge?

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I recently accidentally deleted my old launcher, running Forge (1.5.1) with Player API, Render Player API, the Aether, Optifine and Rei's Minimap. Using the new launcher, I downloaded 1.5.1 and modified it, putting forge into the jar (I've done this before with the launcher and it works). However, I had already installed Forge on 1.5.2 in the launcher, with ChickenCore, NEI and Rei's Minimap, so that when I launched the 1.5.1, an error stating that those mods don't work with Forge 1.5.1, which is true.


Anyway... is there any way to create new folders to store mods in Forge so that I can use Forge in both versions or just a fix?

(By that I mean creating folders with different names, eg Mods2, Coremods2, etc)

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I hope (and I think) Forge (or vanilla :P) will include a feature for mod installs for different Minecraft versions in the near future.

Hopefully with a structure like so (or something better of course):



│ ├───Forge-1.6.2-

│ │ └───example-mod-1.6.2

│ │ └───example-mod-1.6.2.cfg

│ ├───Forge-1.6.1-

│ │ └───example-mod-1.6.1

│ │ └───example-mod-1.6.1.cfg


│ ├───Forge-1.6.2-

│ │ └───example-mod-1.6.2.jar

│ ├───Forge-1.6.1-

│ │ └───example-mod-1.6.1.jar

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It was stated before that this will not happen. Thats why the game dirs exist.

A link to that would be good.

I hope so too...


I really hope that they do it for older versions too, like 1.5.1, because, for example, the Aether Mod is really popular.

If they do it, there is no reason for 1.5.1. We're talking Minecraft 1.7-2.x or never. The Aether Mod is being updated and by the time this is implemented the Aether will be done.

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I really don't see how game directories are getting this topic anywhere.


I've tried it multiple times and all it does is use a mods folder in my .minecraft folder (my launcher installs 1.5.* into a new .minecraft folder) and stores game data aside from jars into the Game Directory folder. The jars are stored in the versions folder. At least for me, that is.

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Basically, in my case, the game directory data doesn't apply to Forge for some reason?


I'm have 1.5.2 modded in a game directory named others, and 1.5.1 is the version I'm attempting to mod.


However, for some reason, an exact copy of the data from the others folder is put into a new .minecraft folder (placed where it used to be) plus the Forge mod data is put there too. 1.5.1 does the same except the game data is stored in it's own game directory, but Forge insists on using the mod folders in .minecraft.


Any ideas?

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Thats because 1.5 isnt designed for the new launcher, and interaction with the new launcher is not garenteed to work. It *should* if you install everything correctly.

I'll have to fully review it after I get some time. But for 1.5.2 we encourage use of the Normal launcher if it works, and MultiMC if it doesn't.

However, the new GameDir option has been tested and DOES with with 1.6+

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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