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  1. > But you have to use a forked repo of forge and gradle to do that. Thats the toolchain im referring to. You need to make changes to make the toolchain working in the modern world. some people have hacked the old versions of the tools to function. But the better option is to build the tools to use the old version's data. Specifically updating https://github.com/MinecraftForge/ForgeGradle to be better.
  2. Its not a matter of 'allowing' it. Its a matter of the fact that the tools simply do not work anymore due to the rest of the internet and java changing. There is an effort (by me, very slowly) to get it working but there isnt much progress on it because to be quite frank I dont care enough. If you want to help with the tooling the feel free to hop on https://discord.minecraftforge.net and attempt to update the toolchain. The issue with 'support' for old versions is when people come and expect/demand I do the work for them instead of trying to help the community as a whole. So if you're willing to help then I can point you in the right directions.
  3. As long as you don't screw up the log4j config setting then we have a processor that strips them. So make sure you've installed Forge correctly and are launching it in a normal manor. If you are using a host, make sure they arnt adding weird things.
  4. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/commit/4649f7af36ac709129a53f7fc2fd639b883474d9 Yes the networking has been rewritten to be simpler. All you really need is the ChannelBuilder class. You can see Forge's usage as an example.
  5. Or, you could just install Forge using our installer, put the mods you want into the mods folder. And use the vanilla launcher to run the game.
  6. controllable-1.16.3-0.8.3 forge-1.20.4-49.0.11 According to your logs you're installing Forge 1.20.4 while also trying to install a mod for 1.16.3. This wont work. MC mods are highly version specific. So you have to match the MC version across all of your mods.
  7. You can use websites like https://jsonlint.com/ to validate the format of json files. You added the IP address to the json file incorrectly. Use the in-game commands to ban the IP address instead of manually editing the json.
  8. Forge does nothing to effect the auth system Mojang uses. So it should just be like the normal vanilla version if you're using the normal Mojang launcher.
  9. We have, but its always a cat/mouse game. And the spam prevention service the forum is using is failing horribly. We're doing the best we can. And pastebin was just an example. You can use any common text hosting site.
  10. jar.manifestVersion is the version you found in the manifest. So if a mod specifies that as their version, then check the manifest.
  11. Version checking is also done off the main thread so it shouldn't effect startup times in any significant way.
  12. You can't change the vanilla loading screen with a resource pack {unless something has changed recently}, for the same reason that you can't change this one. They are done before mods are loaded.
  13. You don't. Its meant to keep with Mojang's branding colors. If you want a different color use the dark theme option in vanilla, it'll switch to black.
  14. The concept is a known exploit that has been around for several years. It is not something that is caused by anything in ours, or Minecraft's end. It is unfortunately a risk when using mods in Minecraft. They are arbitrary jars which can have any code in them. This is one of the reasons we push people to use the latest versions. This particular case was fixed in BdLib for 1.16+ and the author has no intention of back porting.
  15. Ya, but the debug log should still contain the loaded mods, the enhanced exception was added later I guess.
  16. You have the same mod installed more then once, no idea what one it is, we used to have them listed in the log, so try checking the debug log.
  17. coda.breezy.Breezy.resetWindDirection(Breezy.java:67) is casting the client world to the server world without properly checking, talk to the breezy mod author.
  18. Something blue_skies is doing is conflicting with other coremods you have installed, try removing it and/or optifine.
  19. there is literally no executable jar anymore. Java does not allow them to be used when using the module system. Use the run scripts, or copy the run scripts into the command line arguments of your server
  20. No, there is literally no executable jar anymore. Java does not allow them to be used when using the module system. Use the run scripts, or copy the run scripts into the command line arguments of your server
  21. Fixed in 47.1.34+ https://files.minecraftforge.net
  22. This is the Forge forums, not Fabric, you'll want to go to their forum/discord to get support with Fabric.
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