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Mods folder for different versions


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Yessir. just make a folder inside the mods folder and name it after the version. Example



    - mods







I tried but did not work

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Profiles have a gamedir option for a reason use it.

Forge for MC152 (1.5.2- doesn't seem to adhere to the gamedir option, as far as I can tell.  It expects the Forge-related folders (mods/coremods, config, lib, etc) to be in %APPDATA%\.minecraft as with the old launcher.


Is this something that would need to change in Forge for MC152, or am I just not setting up the profile correctly?

    "Mod52_Seek": {
      "name": "Mod52_Seek",
      "gameDir": "C:\\Games\\Minecraft\\Mod52_Seek",
      "lastVersionId": "1.5.2.forge",
      "javaArgs": "-Xincgc -Xmx1G",
      "playerUUID": (censored),
      "useHopperCrashService": false,
      "launcherVisibilityOnGameClose": "keep the launcher open"


With the Forge'd Minecraft version using the default launch parameters,

"minecraftArguments": "${auth_player_name} ${auth_session} --gameDir ${game_directory} --assetsDir ${game_assets}",

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I found a crude workaround that appears to work.  If there's a better way to do this, I'd love to know it, but in the meantime:


In the Profile, add to the JVM arguments


where <dir> is your desired equivalent to %APPDATA%\.minecraft .


For example, if you use


Then the Mods folder will be at


(and config, coremods, etc will be in c:\Games\Minecraft\MC152_Clouds too)


Note that this will override the profile's gameDir setting, so the saves directory and vanilla configuration files will be moved as well.


(this was based on another, tangential LexManos post pointing out the JVM option, and some hunting in the Forge source for how it acquired its base directory)

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Launching the game for 1.5.2 needs to go through the LegacyLauncher so make sure you copy 1.5.2's version folder not 1.6's


I tested last night and it worked fine iirc

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