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destroying blocks when they arent connected to any blocks


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did you looked at the BambooBlock?

but basicly you need to check inside Block#tick if the Block can stands on the current positon via Block#canSurvive.
if the Block can't stand at the current positon, you need to remove the Block via Level#destroyBlockLevel

Note: Block#canSurvive retruns true by default, if you want custom logic you need to overwrite the method

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Posted (edited)

yes i did but i havent used Level#destroyBlockLevel


this was my solution but it dosent destroy the block


public void tick(BlockState p_60462_, ServerLevel p_60463_, BlockPos p_60464_, Random p_60465_) { if (!p_60462_.canSurvive(p_60463_, p_60464_))

{ p_60463_.destroyBlock(p_60464_, true); } }


public boolean canSurvive(BlockState p_60525_, LevelReader p_60526_, BlockPos p_60527_) { return p_60526_.getBlockState(p_60527_.below()).is(BlockTags.LOGS); }

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