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IntelliJ guide seems to be wrong


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Hi, I have been trying to set up using this guide here:




But the files "jinput.jar", "lwjgl.jar", "lwjgl_util.jar" and "minecraft.jar" are not where the guide says they are.

I cant even find minecraft.jar anywhere near there, but found 1.6.2.jar instead, dont know if that is good enough.


I suspect that is why I get all these errors about things that cannot be imported, but if its not like the guide says, what then?


The output when I try to run it.



Any other info you need?

Many thanks for any help you can give.

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Ok, thats good to hear.

But perhaps I should have been more clear. I found the jars and I have done as described in the guide, but I get the import errors.


I could just add some things as dependencies, but I am unsure how much I can safely add. Also, some of the things it complains about, not being able to find, comes from inside minecraft, but that might just be me reading the logs wrong.

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I have gotten a bit closer, I think. When I go to add the build artifact to the "Before Launch"-list, I can only select MyForgeMod JAR, not the MyForgeMod > Forge that I am suppose to select. I have tried creating them both again following the guide very closely, but no matter what I do, they wont show up. Any ides ? :)

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A bit more info.

The first import that fails is:


import org.apache.commons.lang3.Validate;


But the path for this file is:




Now, I have limited Java experience, but isn't that why it cannot find anything?


Its the same story with com.google.gson, there is a dir named "code" in the path, but not in the import statement.



Since I dont think all the paths have changed and changed just for me, can someone explain to me why the imports are not working. Many thanks for any clarity you may be able to shed on this :D

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So, I have gotten rid of the import errors. Just found all the JAR's manually and set them up as dependencies.

But now I have a new problem.




All these errors.

The first ones are about fml_at.cfg. I have 2 of those files, seems to have exactly the same content. But apparently they are not located where Forge expects them to be.


The laters one about NullPointerException I cant get much headway on. The error happens in some compiled code and I dont know how to look at that.


Can anyone give me some hints as to what is wrong here? Many thanks.

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At line 109 of AccessTransformer:


The failing try block in CoreModManager:

                    IFMLCallHook call = (IFMLCallHook) Class.forName(setupClass, true, classLoader).newInstance();
                    Map<String,Object> callData = new HashMap<String, Object>();
                    callData.put("mcLocation", mcDir);
                    callData.put("classLoader", classLoader);
                    callData.put("coremodLocation", pluginLocations.get(plugin));
                    callData.put("deobfuscationFileName", FMLInjectionData.debfuscationDataName());

I don't know if that would help.

The coremod issue might be due to the fact that coremods folder has been merged with the mods folder in newer versions of Forge.


Maybe you want to report this in the Support & Bug Report section.

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