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How can I make the Nether from Better Nether Mod generate in a Biomes o' Plenty preset world?

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Apparently theres a config at configs/biomesoplenty/generation.toml that has a setting to disable biomes o plenty nether, this would remove all biomes o plenty biomes from the nether so you'd only get better nether biomes. Also when looking at my BOP config I don't see it so don't quote me on it

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I proved this in an aternos server at 1.16.5 and works, you just enter config, byg, byg nether json and then youll see all biomes from nether minecraft and byg nether biomes, then you can copy paste one of those commands and just write the name of the biome of better nether, or other nether mod biome, heres an example:       

    "betternether:nether_grasslands": {
      "weight": 5,
      "dictionary": [
      "hills": []

this should work, just dont erase any byg biome

also everytime you do you have to erase DIM-1 from world, that will reset all in the nether, be carefully to not erase DIM1, that has the overworld info, if it crashes then you didnt code right the thing



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forgot to add something
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