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Communication between spigot and forge.


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Sorry if I'm not giving enough information, I'm not exactly knowledgeable in this topic.

But you can catch sent packets on the server (spigot) using something like ProtocolLib.

And to send them (forge) you can use SimpleImpl.

(Make sure you have a set id, and that the spigot plugin and forge mod have the same id for the packet)
(Maybe add some sort of id at the beginning of the packet that is shared between the mod and spigot?)

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Forge's custom networking is built on the custom payload packet. You can either use a SimpleChannel (which uses a byte-indexed codec, so you have to handle that on the bukkit side, too) or you can use an EventChannel, which just gives you access to the raw payload packet data.

There isn't anything special you need to do to make the two talk to each other. It just works, because both use the same network packet.

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