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  1. BTW, you'd get the player's skin by first getting their info. To get all players info, first get the connection = minecraft.player.connection, then you can get the info list with connection.getPlayerInfoMap();
  2. SOLVED: I figured out why it wasn't working. Turns out you HAVE to initialize your widgets in init(); I had already done this, but because of the way I was doing things I thought I could get away with putting it in my infoReceived method, turns out I couldn't.
  3. [SOVLED] Hello, for my system, I need to display a number for each item in a list, I have found an object just for this. It is called ExtendedList. However, it is implemented not to be used as a widget in the same way, for instance, I had to disable the dirt background and manually set left and right values. The problem is when I resize my Minecraft window, the scrolling becomes completely unresponsive, and the bounds of the widget go completely off. I found a solution for problem 2, as I can reset the left and right values during render, however scrolling functionalit
  4. I already answered it in another post. In your ExtendedList constructor, call the correct method here: (link)
  5. I already answered it in another post. Don't override the method as it isn't necessary In your list constructor, call the correct method here: (link)
  6. There is a method that allows you to get rid of it: func_244606_c(false) func_244606_c(false) // Disables dirt outline func_244605_b(false) // Disables black background Note that false disables them, whilst true enables them.
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