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  1. Yup, I saw that as well. And I'm not sure of any way around it. I guess you'll have to manually add the colors to each block using your own system.
  2. For DyeColor, you can try using MaterialColor instead. DyeColor really is just a wrapper for it anyway. Note: You must create your OWN MaterialColor Instance with NO constructor arguments (the default one has a hard limit for the number of colors) and manually set the "colorValue" field It's pretty complicated
  3. BTW, you'd get the player's skin by first getting their info. To get all players info, first get the connection = minecraft.player.connection, then you can get the info list with connection.getPlayerInfoMap();
  4. SOLVED: I figured out why it wasn't working. Turns out you HAVE to initialize your widgets in init(); I had already done this, but because of the way I was doing things I thought I could get away with putting it in my infoReceived method, turns out I couldn't.
  5. [SOVLED] Hello, for my system, I need to display a number for each item in a list, I have found an object just for this. It is called ExtendedList. However, it is implemented not to be used as a widget in the same way, for instance, I had to disable the dirt background and manually set left and right values. The problem is when I resize my Minecraft window, the scrolling becomes completely unresponsive, and the bounds of the widget go completely off. I found a solution for problem 2, as I can reset the left and right values during render, however scrolling functionality still breaks. Here is my code: Most of this code was influenced by LoadingErrorScreen as suggested by others in the forums, as some of the method arguments are labeled. Here are some screenshots to demonstrate this (note that the code that fixes the resolution resize issue have been commented out):
  6. I already answered it in another post. In your ExtendedList constructor, call the correct method here: (link)
  7. I already answered it in another post. Don't override the method as it isn't necessary In your list constructor, call the correct method here: (link)
  8. There is a method that allows you to get rid of it: func_244606_c(false) func_244606_c(false) // Disables dirt outline func_244605_b(false) // Disables black background Note that false disables them, whilst true enables them.
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