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Vanilla Mob Drops.


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Hi there!


Currently i'm in the progress of porting my mods over to multiplayer, and my 'weapon' of choice was the Forge Modloader.

While working on said task, to be precise my LambChop mod, i found out that Forge does infact change the EntitySheep class, but does nothing with dropFewItems, the function that decides what item should be dropped by the sheep. The current code that i'm adding right now isn't that huge:


        int var3 = this.rand.nextInt(2) + 1 + this.rand.nextInt(1 + par2);
        for (int i = 0; i < var3; i++)
            if (this.isBurning())
                this.dropItem(mod_LambChop.LambChopCooked.shiftedIndex, 1);
                this.dropItem(mod_LambChop.LambChopRaw.shiftedIndex, 1);


But it seems to me it would be a better option if forge added a hook for this, and i'd just use that to do my item dropping!

Now i'm very new to Forge, and i have no idea if i'm totally missing a hook that already exists, or no one really cares about a hook like this existing, but atleast it would give me a peace of mind that pretty much any mod using forge is going to be compatible with the mods i'm making since i no longer need to fiddle around in this baseclass!

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