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Mod settings (with implementation)


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I know this has been suggested before, but I'd like a way to make an options screen for my mod. Something like Options > Mod options > mod name. I made a rough implementation attached below. (It doesn't scroll if there's enough mods that use it)


It requires a tweak to GuiOptions (Unless there's some other way of doing it)


In initGui():

this.buttonList.add(new GuiButton(9001, this.width/2-155+160, this.height / 6 -12 + 24*3, 150, 20, "Mod options"));


In actionPerformed()

if (par1GuiButton.id == 9001)
                GuiModOptions.getInstance().parentScreen = this;


A mod can register an options page like this:

GuiModOptions.addOptionPage("Button title", guiScreenWithParentSubclass);


Screenshots here


Since attachments aren't working:



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That would be a good idea, but it might get a little annoying to work with, assuming that nobody makes a base for the Mod Option GUI pages. I could get to work on that right now, actually.


EDIT: I just realized that that might also require config updating, which I'm not good with...

width=300 height=100http://i.imgur.com/ivK3J.png[/img]

I'm a little surprised that I am still ranked as a "Forge Modder," having not posted a single mod since my animals mod... I have to complete Digging Deeper!, fast!

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