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Why are some methods ClientOnly when they aren't supposed to be?


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Here are some methods i found that are client-only and I see no reason why they aren't universal


EntityLivingBase.getPosition(float par1)

EntityLivingBase.rayTrace(double par1, float par3)

Vec3.rotateAroundZ(float par1)


there are probably more, but I have found no more at the moment

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i understand how @SideOnly works, my question is, i see no reason for those methods to be client only, there has to be a way to force them to be universal

Take Vec3.rotateAroundZ for example, why is it ClientOnly when Vec3.rotateAroundX and rotateAroundY are completely universal.

Also, EntityLivingBase.rayTrace is ClientOnly, only because EntityLivingBase.getPosition is ClientOnly, and why would getPosition be client only if getLook (which is as commonly used) is universal?


If something never gets called from the Server it doesn't necessarily mean it exists for client-purposes only. What if it's Mojang's placeholder method and they are planning to use it right in the next version?


In 1.5.2, those methods weren't client-only, they served many purposes in the server, but now in 1.6.2 they are, i see no point in that

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And that's exactly the problem, what if others want to use it? making a copy of the method wouldn't be such a problem, but using the vanilla's methods will always feel better and secured.

Why aren't there any way to force that stripping from happening? Or at least restrict the obfuscator in some files. Forge must be able to do this, or at least FML, since "Side" and "SideOnly" are in FML

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