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Minecraft (runClient) just stops loading and freezes


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Whenever I try to start Minecraft (Forge 1.18.2) with runClient it begins loading like normal but stops near the end. There isnt any error in the console and the game doesnt crash. It just keeps on loading, without the bar moving.
This is my console output: https://pastebin.com/76rgZGB2    This is my mods github repository: https://github.com/Crepzter/First-Mod-1.18

Thank you for any help!

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how can you have a mod with items and blocks and entities and structure features and then with all that you come to an idea to run the game and it doesn't work?

did the game work at any point before? if yes, remove the last thing that you added and try again. if no, start from the beginning (mdk zip).

console output tells nothing; it shouldn't have stopped there. look inside the log directory (under run directory specified in build.gradle) and look inside last modified files.

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It occured while I was modding. It all worked perfectly, but while messing with an animated item (rocketLauncher) it suddenly stopped loading when launched. I tried removing the item from the registry and stuff, but that didnt help.
I might try to create a new project and see if that launches.

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