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[1.18.2] Trying to import a mod library .jar into my project


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I'm trying to import classes from this mod library in my project: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ftb-library-forge

I've downloaded the .jar for 1.18.2, placed it in my project root folder and added it in IntelliJ as a module (by going to file -> project structure -> main -> +JARs or directories -> ftb-library-forge-1802.3.6-build.115.jar)

I can import the classes in my code without error and have working autocomplete and inspection:

Except whenever I try to build I get:

error: package dev.ftb.mods.ftblibrary.ui does not exist
import dev.ftb.mods.ftblibrary.ui.BaseScreen;

I've also tried adding it to my classpath (I am on Windows) as suggested by some stackoverflow posts, using:

javac -cp .;./ftb-library-forge-1802.3.6-build.115.jar dev/ftb/mods/ftblibrary/FTBLibrary.java

except this just gives me: error: no source files

Is there something wrong with what I'm doing here and/or is there an alternate way to get this dependency into my project?

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I followed these links but am getting this note on my build.gradle, and the imports are still not found (though strangely, it still lets me run and doesn't error until I try to use the dependency's classes, at which point it throws a NoClassDefFoundError.



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