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Coremod Packaging, 1.6.2


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Hey guys, I cooked up a mod where I used ASM to change the length of the day-night cycle in the game. While this appears to work quite fine when run from within eclipse, I simply can't get the damn thing packaged to run with my regular forge installation >.<


Specifically, I recompiled, reobfuscated and zipped the files (without the enclosing minecraft folder), then changed the ending to .jar. Also slapped a mcmod.info and a META-INF on it for good measure. The structure inside the .jar is




--->DaytimeLoadingPlugin.class (which implements IFMLLoadingPlugin)

--->rest of the class files





The problem is, when I try to run with this package I get


[sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] Coremod DaytimeLoadingPlugin: Unable to class load the plugin daytime.asm.DaytimeLoadingPlugin
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: daytime.asm.DaytimeLoadingPlugin


Google search indicates this usually happens when the folder structure in the package is messed up, but I can't quite see where this would happen.

Any other ideas what might be amiss here? =/


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