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Entity Special Tag as "Clone."


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Hi guys - 

I'm able to duplicate entities through an EntityJoinWorldEvent. However, I'm trying to find a way to mark the duplicated entity as a clone so that it isn't clone itself when it spawns.


1 - Entity spawns naturally

2 - Event fires to duplicate this entity.

3 - Entity Clone spawns through clone

PROBLEM: 4 - The EntityJoinWorldEvent fires for the clone, causing an infinite cloning loop.

Seems like EntityJoinWorldEvent fires right when the entity is cloned, and, I don't have a good way of differentiating the original entity from its clones. The current code is bad because entities duplicate on save and reload.


Any idea on how to go about this? Thanks!


	public void entitySpawned(EntityJoinWorldEvent e) {

			// Try to duplicate this monster
			DuplicateMonster Duplicate_Monster = new DuplicateMonster(M);


//Causes an entity to be duplicated
public class DuplicateMonster {

	// Directly reference a log4j logger.
	private static final Logger LOGGER = LogManager.getLogger();

	// WIthin how many blocks should swarming entity be placed?
	int Swarm_Placement_Proximity = 2;

	// Change that entity will be duplicated
	float Duplication_Chance = 15;

	// Points where an entity was already placed so that entities are not placed on
	// top of each other when spawned.
	ArrayList<BlockPos> Used_Points = new ArrayList<BlockPos>();

	// These monsters are allowed to be duplicated.
	EntityType[] Duplication_Whitelist = { EntityType.BLAZE, EntityType.CAVE_SPIDER, EntityType.DROWNED,
			EntityType.ENDERMAN, EntityType.EVOKER, EntityType.GHAST, EntityType.HOGLIN, EntityType.HUSK,
			EntityType.PIGLIN, EntityType.PIGLIN_BRUTE, EntityType.PILLAGER, EntityType.SILVERFISH, EntityType.SKELETON,
			EntityType.SPIDER, EntityType.RAVAGER, EntityType.VEX, EntityType.VINDICATOR, EntityType.WITCH,
			EntityType.WITHER_SKELETON, EntityType.ZOGLIN, EntityType.ZOMBIE, EntityType.ZOMBIE_VILLAGER,

	// Duplicate the given monster
	// M - the monster to duplicate
	public DuplicateMonster(Monster M) {

		// If this monster is on the duplication whitelist, then
		if (isWhitelisted(M)) {
			RNG RNGVal = new RNG(0, 100);
			if(Duplication_Chance > RNGVal.Value)
				// For number of cloning iterations, clone


	// Clone the given monster
	// M - Monster to clone.
	void Clone(Monster M) {

		// Current Minecraft server
		MinecraftServer Curr_Server = ServerLifecycleHooks.getCurrentServer();
		ServerLevel Lvl = Curr_Server.getLevel(Level.OVERWORLD);

		// Get entity block position
		BlockPos pos = M.blockPosition();


		Entity New_Entity = M.getType().spawn(Lvl, new ItemStack(Items.BIRCH_WOOD), (Player) null, pos,
				MobSpawnType.MOB_SUMMONED, true, false);

	// Is the given monster allowed to be duplicated?
    // M: Check if M is on the white listed of monsters that can be duplicated
	boolean isWhitelisted(Monster M) {
		for (int i = 0; i < Duplication_Whitelist.length; i++) {
			if (Duplication_Whitelist[i] == M.getType()) {
				// Monster is on the white list
				return true;

		// This monster is not on the white list
		return false;



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