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Forge Error or other? Help plz


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Hi there,


im relatively new to the Minecraft Server Administration Stuff. We have setup a Minecraft Server with several mods for some friends and we have problem with players getting disconnects or sudden white screens and such stuff. When players trying to reconnect they get black screens and cant login from time to time. Then the player.dat files are corrupt and we have to move them, let the player relog and then we can move the player.dat files back so the player has his inventory back.


Because i have no knowledge on java at all i'd like to call for some help.


The Server is running on Mc 1.5 and so are the mods

One Error log of myself is here http://pastebin.com/NKuQjEAM

In the server.log there is only a "disconnect.genericReason"


Perhaps someone can explain me how to track down such an error or point me to a site where i can get help. I'd like to know what such errors meaning are and how to find the source or the mod that produces the error.


Plz can some1 help me ???


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One of the mods you have installed doesn't have ID's synced between the client and server.

And it's trying to render a tile entity for that mod and it's nulling.

You'll have to go in and compare your ids and check what TE was at that location.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Ok this Tile entity error happens a lot on our server.

Is it not in sync because of high traffic and packet sending errors? Or is it a problem that the Id's overlap with each other? i mean i know that it happens a lot when some1 looking at an item in NEI or clicking a TE in the World. For example last time i clicked a BatBox with an apple in hand and the Client crashed. But i can click a BatBox most of the time and nothing happens. And i can't figure out whats wrong -_-

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