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onLivingHurt cause lag in multiplayer


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I am trying to build a mod that shows target health when shooting it with arrow.

And it works fine in singleplayer but very laggy in multiplayer (Even if I join a small server).

Events I used: onLivingHurt, LivingAttackEvent, LivingDamageEvent (There are all lagging in multiplayer)


NOTE: even if I delete all the code inside the function it will also still laggy


    public void onLivingHurt(LivingHurtEvent event){
        if (event.getSource().isProjectile()) {
            // Get attacker name
            EntityPlayerMP attacker = (EntityPlayerMP) event.getSource().getTrueSource();
            String attackerName = attacker.getDisplayNameString();

            // Damage dealt
            float damage = event.getAmount();

            // Get target info
            String targetName = event.getEntity().getName();
            float targetHealth = event.getEntityLiving().getHealth();

            Chat.SendMessage("Shot: " + targetName + " | Damage: " + damage + " | HealthB4: " + targetHealth + " | HealthAFTR: " + (targetHealth - damage), "green");


    public void LivingAttackEvent(LivingEvent event) {
        // Will also lag in multiplayer even if its an empty function


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9 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

That is highly unlikely.

However note that subscribing to LivingEvent (not LivingHurtEvent) achieves no useful results.

Then what event i should use ?

I want event that gets target name and health (that has been shot by player projectile/arrow

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