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whitescreen/unresponsive on start up


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Hey guys, I recently got a new pc and now my modpack isn't running anymore. When I try to start it it almost instantly gets a white screen and its not responding anymore.

Things I tested: adding more RAM, run as Admin, run with compatibility mode, reinstall minecraft, reinstall forge, reinstall java, tried different java versions, add as exception to anti virus program, all drivers up-to-date and other things.

I also tried to add every mod one by one but at around 170 mods it stops working and when I then reduce the mods to those that worked before it also stops responding. My friends play exactly the same pack and don't have any issues. I've already looked through the logs but all the errors I found there weren't the cause of the problem because it also occurred when playing without the mods that cause these errors. The only things I found are 1. the exit code after force closing the game and 2. rubidium saying something about a memory leak

latest log: https://paste.ee/p/s2vlk

exit code after force closing:
Process crashed with exitcode -805306369 (0xffffffffcfffffff).
Below is an analysis of the exit code. THIS MAY BE INCORRECT AND SHOULD BE TAKEN WITH A GRAIN OF SALT!
System exit code name: STATUS_APPLICATION_HANG
Please note that usually neither the exit code, nor its description are enough to diagnose issues!
Always upload the entire log and not just the exit code.

I really hope someone might know the issue or have any ideas about what I could try because I certainly ran out of ideas.

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