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[1.16.5] Disabling the weather-related darkening skies effect in a custom dimension


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Hello everyone. I'm currently trying to prepare a very simple sandbox dimension, which will be used primarily for base building. But in the process of ironing out the bugs, I found one which has left me stumped

This dimension is set to be at noon always and to have no precipitation, as I wanted it to be an ever-sunny place. However, I've noticed that when it is raining in the overworld, the skies of this custom dimension will still change to an overcast sky, even though no actual rain will fall. By which I mean: the sun will vanish, the sky's colour will become much darker than usual, and the distance fog will become darker as well:




I've learned and tried a good deal of things by looking at the code over the past 2 days and have had some limited success in some areas, such as using a custom ISkyRenderHandler, which was enough to keep the sun from vanishing under these conditions. But quite frankly, I'm stumped as to what to do for the rest.

I understand where most of these changes come from, but see no good way to interfere with them as they are mostly related methods and values in the ClientWorld and World classes. I've tried the very hacky way of calling World#setRainLevels(0) on every draw, but this causes the sky to flicker heavily when weather conditions are changing to/from rain, as the skies will quickly change between its rainy colour and its clear sky colour until the transition is done.

Ultimately, the only real options which seem like they'd provide a real solution would be:

  1. I'd like for calls of World#GetRainLevel to always return 0 in this custom dimension; to my understanding, that alone would remove the need for literally any other change.
  2. Failing the above, I'd need to mess with a fair deal of methods which call World#GetRain; the ones in WorldRenderer are all easy enough to deal with, but those in ClientWorld and FogRenderer once again seem out of my reach.


With that in mind, is there any way to accomplish this? Did I make some mistake and failed to notice a good way to accomplish this ? Or is this a fool's errand and I should save my time and just give up?

Sorry for the long post, and thank you in advance for your time

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