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Is it possible to support UTF8 in chats and sign board?


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In fact, I don't know why this limitation exists: (still in 1.2.5)

At client:

net.minecraft.src.ChatAllowedCharacters defined allowed chars.(1)

net.minecraft.src.GuiEditSign allow only allowed characters.(2)

net.minecraft.src.GuiScreen.handleKeyboardInput handle only 1 input character.(3)

At server:

net.minecraft.src.NetServerHandler handleChat forces only allowed chars in chatting.(4) handleUpdateSign replaces all not-allowed chars.(5)

Is it because some character are used for controlling somewhere? Someone made changes and removed these 5 limitations, and it works well so far. (for point3, added processing code)

I usually use Chinese, and Java supports UTF8 by default, so I want to remove these limitation beside using forge. At client side, no file confliction. However, at server side, mm.class (NetServerHandler.java) collide.

I compiled a proper NetServerHandler for my friends this time to include both chinese_support_mod and forge. Is it possible that these limitation be removed directly while injection forge?

What does chinese_support_mod do:

(1) added definition of gbk characters

(2) allow also gbk defined before

(3) if (c > 128 && org.lwjgl.Sys.getVersion().compareTo("2.8.0") < 0){Keyboard.next();char c2 = Keyboard.getEventCharacter();c = (new String(new byte[] {(byte)c, (byte)c2}, java.nio.charset.Charset.defaultCharset().toString().toLowerCase())).toCharArray()[0];}

(4) removed such code

(5) removed such code

Is it possible just remove this whole 'AllowedCharacters' thing?

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