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Rendering a box to an entity using a RenderLayer


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I want to render a box that will be part of the entity's head bone using a RenderLayer. it should have some logic (to check the entities data, and render / not render accordingly), and use a different texture than the rest of the model. (note that the texture size is different as well.)

how should I implement that?

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Specifically the render() method of the RenderLayer

That's not specific, that's the whole thing. 🙂

You would be better looking at some vanilla examples, e.g. the CustomHeadLayer which renders if the entity is wearing a skull

It sounds similar to what you are trying to do.

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I don't know if this is the place to teach about minecraft's rendering system?

There's no docs, most people learn it by looking at the minecraft source.

Quick answers to your questions:


PoseStack is a stack of transformation matrices. The idea is you can push a new context on the stack, transform the pose (translate, scale, etc.), then pop to restore the previous state.


The buffers are what is sent to opengl. Typically you don't use them directly, instead you use helper methods and pass it a buffer, e.g. ItemRenderer.renderItem() takes a buffer as parameter.

If you do want to use them directly you can find some simple examples of what can be done in net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiComponent.

NOTE: Like the names suggest, these method are for drawing the gui, you will typically be passed a buffer to use in world rendering. You can still create your own.


For "attaching" look at EntityRenderEvent.AttachLayers. You can getRenderer() of the entity type you want to modify and addLayer()

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