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  1. Honestly I give up on this forum. I can't remember the last time I answered a question that wasn't somebody posting a stupid question 10 minutes after being given a link to the documentation. i.e. they didn't read it or didn't spend anytime trying to understand it or work out the problem for themselves. And most are the just same questions over and over again, like this one, that I have already answered multiple times just this month. People never use search. I didn't say don't post code, I said the opposite. i.e. post all the relevant code in a format that reproduces your problem. To (partly) answer your question: minecraft:pig means your entity type is not registered. It is the fallback name minecraft uses when it can't find things in the entity type registry. I don't feel like trying to debug your code after your response. And this code will still crash the server: https://github.com/LocutusV0nB0rg/TotallyNotModded/blob/3bc197514eab7fcc54982ccbdd5bc63442d3e781/src/main/java/borg/locutus/totallynotmodded/EntityRendererRegisterListener.java#L21 You cannot mix client classes into code that will run on the server. Anyway, goodbye forum. It's been fun, or at least some of it has.
  2. I have no idea why you are creating a DeferredRegister then using the RegisterEvent instead of a RegistryObject? Either way, static initialisation of an object that goes in a registry will usually fail because the registries are frozen. The exact time of classloading is almost completely random. You need to use a Supplier/RegistryObject to defer object construction until the correct time, or create the object during the RegisterEvent callback. But, this forum is a support forum for people with real problems. It is not a mod learning forum. You need to read the documentation, search the forum and look at other mods or vanilla code if you want to learn. You also need to stop posting snippets of code in the forum. You should put all the relevant code on github that reproduces your problem. If the issue is not obvious from what little information you post, you will likely just end up with your question getting ignored.
  3. Like all registered objects, use a DeferredRegister/RegistryObject and don't create things at classloading time like your FASTCART object. The registry you want is https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/blob/42115d37d6a46856e3dc914b54a1ce6d33b9872a/src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/registries/ForgeRegistries.java#L75 And entity renderers should not be registered like that. Besides crashing game on a server where those classes don't exist, it is the wrong time to do it. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/blob/42115d37d6a46856e3dc914b54a1ce6d33b9872a/src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/client/event/EntityRenderersEvent.java#L103 I suggest you familiarise yourself with the wiki: https://forge.gemwire.uk/wiki/Main_Page if you want to avoid all the common mistakes.
  4. Can you please use search and do your own research. This forum is not a way for you to use us as a search engine. It is a support forum for people that have real problems. This question and others like it have been answered many times before. To repeat (for people that do use search) https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/blob/1.19.x/src/main/java/net/minecraftforge/client/event/ScreenEvent.java Add your button in the Post event when the screen is the TitleScreen class. Since many other mods think they are important enough to warrant their own button on the initial screen, you will probably want to be clever about where you place it. e.g. check the "children" of the screen to see what areas are already occupied
  5. I don't see the error you refer to in that log. Are you sure it is the correct log? I do see some other errors that might be causing it. Some projecte/create error An issue with alltheores. that is the most likely cause since it is worldgen. Minecraft won't let you create/load saves with missing worldgen.
  6. That's not the way to do it. https://github.com/Leronus/mOres/blob/b4215d26b0ddb2cf5beb6f1d41c4d4189bddab14/src/main/java/mod/leronus/mores/Mores.java#L30 Loading config in your mod constructor will just mean the client and server can have different configurations/durabilities in multiplayer mode. Which will lead to all sorts of bugs and glitches. That's why you need a server config and do it dynamically, like it says on that other thread. e.g. what happens if the player joins server1 which has the copper shield with durability 100, then the player switches to server 2 which says it is 200 You have no way to handle this if you just read the client's (probably default) config at mod loading/construction time.
  7. Show what you have tried and what problems you have. With reproducable code for your problem on github. This is a support forum not a learn modding forum. We help you fix problems after you have tried to figure it out for yourself. We don't write or design your mod for you. If I was going to do something like that, I would investigate how ChestBlockEntity uses ContainerOpenersCounter to track whether it should render the lid as open. i.e. how many players have the container open. Then modify the logic for your usecase.
  8. And you should override useOn() which will tell you which block you are interacting with. What you are doing sounds very similar to the ShovelItem when creating paths.
  9. You are not changing any real blocks regardless of range. https://forums.minecraftforge.net/search/?q=sidedSuccess&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=70
  10. There are literally hundreds of threads in this forum where this is discussed because people do it wrong. Use Minecraft.getInstance() on the client then get what state you want. But you should put all client code in a separate class otherwise you are very likely going to crash the game on a dedicated server. https://docs.minecraftforge.net/en/latest/networking/simpleimpl/#handling-packets
  11. See ClientboundBlockUpdatePacket.
  12. Looks like you are missingf the koitlin mod wanted by the essential mod.
  13. You should speak to mod authors. From what I understand create updated their mod and broke their extension mods. So you will probably have to use the previous version of create until all other the mods catchup.
  14. https://forums.minecraftforge.net/topic/122698-forge-1182-server-wont-load-up-with-dawncraft/#comment-533997
  15. Then you need to show the log when you are using java 17 (the long term support version of java). Java 20 won't work if you have any mods that use mixins.
  16. Conflict betewen apotheosis and unique enchantments.
  17. FLUID_SPRINGS are done before VEGETAL_DECORATION, see the GenerationStep.Decoration Without seeing your code (all the relevant code on github) it is impossible to say what is wrong. But if you look at the vanilla TreePlacements class it uses the following logic by default for the sapling that grows the tree: PlacementUtils.filteredBlockBySurvival() -> WouldSurvivePredicate -> [Sapling/Bush]Block.canSurvive() -> Block.mayPlaceOn() and Block.canSustainPlant() or in json https://github.com/misode/mcmeta/blob/data/data/minecraft/worldgen/placed_feature/oak.json
  18. Issue with expandability. There is a previous warning about a conflict with UnlimitedFluidity which might be the cause? But a warning normally means it handled the error.
  19. Probably install the previous version of create until other mods have had chance to update? The create related mod authors would give you better help.
  20. Some issue with create. From what I understand create recently updated their mod for 1.18.2 and broke some or all of their extension mods? e.g. there are many others.
  21. Or from my footer: Or from the original response to your post Why do we have to keep repeating ourselves?
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