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[Next Client] Create a custom client Based on Forge 1.8.8 (Of course we use a patched launcher we don't send the jar)


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Hi, my Development Team and I would like to create a launcher with clients from 1.8.8 to 1.19
where the user has no problem inserting their mods in addition to those we will implement in the client.
Consequently we are nowhere near a tutorial or documentation of how to download the forge client source code in 1.8.8.

(Since 1.14 we use Fabric)

Obviously anyone who reads the message thinks that we are doing illegal stuff, NO, because we from the launcher will use a patcher that will allow you to download normal forge and then subsequently apply the patches of this modified by us, so I hope the answers are not "Do not create custom client ", especially because minecraft could pull all clients like Lunar and Feather down with a snap of fingers if it wanted to, ditto Forge.
But it doesn't do it because it would ruin the community.

Sorry for the long text


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Why it is so hard to understand that we won't help you to create a custom client,

And as D7 told you several times create a mod, you can use the Forge API and Mixin (if required) to add more customizable settings to the client

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