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BetterPixelmon - Pixelmon - Minecraft 1.12.2


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Our server was co-founded by a Mod Developer who worked with Pixelmon Generations itself.

Discord: https://discord.gg/K5cYmtSv2h

a Pixelmon Generations server, with a plethora of custom content.
Pokemon being a beloved series across many platforms, even in Minecraft in the form of Pixelmon.
A mod aiming to recreate every element of a Pokemon game, in a Minecraft Mod.
Our server has its own special features, to even further enhance the experience, as well as play a giant Pokemon game with your friends.
Our server is still building, and soon we will release with a scale map of the Kanto Region for an entirely true-to-game Pokemon experience.

Our server includes, but is not limited to:

Pokedex Completion Rewards

Daily Kits

Shiny Starter Pokemon (With a Custom Pool to choose from like Riolu!)

Ranks obtainable, through playing on the server itself.

Daily Rewards, just for logging in.

Weekly Giveaways in the Discord

A plethora of Crates, and Multiple ways to obtain keys.

Daily Trainers to always have someone to Battle

NPC Gym Battles to collect badges!

And so much more. With a friendly staff, and a Discord - Minecraft chat bridge to always be able to chat with your friends.

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