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Server watchdog error + Server tick error


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Hey sorry I'm new to posting on forums so sorry if this is the wrong area. anyway I'm having trouble with getting my server working. I'm using Shockbyte, it has 16 GB of ram and I'm trying to get around 200 some mods to run on it but I'm getting 2 different errors as i try to connect to the server as i can get it running I'm getting one that is Server watchdog error and another that says that it takes 60 seconds for 1 tick when it should take .05. 

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vBDIyQV80zxiYW6OTJlb6kWybVUhnfAZt3l9BHPWmHs/edit?usp=sharing this is a link to the crash report i would appreciate any help or advice thank you

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