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[1.16.5] Forge + Velocity

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Good afternoon, I'm trying to configure Velocity and Forge 1.16.5, but there is a problem: I get kicked with this error:

[14:43:51] [Netty Epoll Server IO #1/ERROR] [ne.mi.fm.ne.NetworkRegistry/NETREGISTRY]: Channels [hc:hollow_core_channel] rejected vanilla connections
[14:43:51] [Netty Epoll Server IO #1/INFO] [ne.mi.fm.se.ServerLifecycleHooks/SERVERHOOKS]: Disconnecting VANILLA connection attempt: This server has mods that require Forge to be installed on the client. Contact your server admin for more details.

I have installed one mod, self-written.

The version of the mod coincides completely.
On a clean forge easily comes in.
Client log:

[14:46:19] [Netty Client IO #4/INFO]: Connected to a vanilla server. Catching up missing behaviour.
[14:47:03] [Render thread/INFO]: Connecting to, 25566


# Config version. Do not change this
config-version = "1.0"
# What port should the proxy be bound to? By default, we'll bind to all addresses on port 25577.
bind = ""
# What should be the MOTD? This gets displayed when the player adds your server to
# their server list. Legacy color codes and JSON are accepted.
motd = "&#09add3A Velocity Server"
# What should we display for the maximum number of players? (Velocity does not support a cap
# on the number of players online.)
show-max-players = 500
# Should we authenticate players with Mojang? By default, this is on.
online-mode = false
# If client's ISP/AS sent from this proxy is different from the one from Mojang's
# authentication server, the player is kicked. This disallows some VPN and proxy
# connections but is a weak form of protection.
prevent-client-proxy-connections = false
# Should we forward IP addresses and other data to backend servers?
# Available options:
# - "none":        No forwarding will be done. All players will appear to be connecting
#                  from the proxy and will have offline-mode UUIDs.
# - "legacy":      Forward player IPs and UUIDs in a BungeeCord-compatible format. Use this
#                  if you run servers using Minecraft 1.12 or lower.
# - "bungeeguard": Forward player IPs and UUIDs in a format supported by the BungeeGuard
#                  plugin. Use this if you run servers using Minecraft 1.12 or lower, and are
#                  unable to implement network level firewalling (on a shared host).
# - "modern":      Forward player IPs and UUIDs as part of the login process using
#                  Velocity's native forwarding. Only applicable for Minecraft 1.13 or higher.
player-info-forwarding-mode = "none"
# If you are using modern or BungeeGuard IP forwarding, configure a unique secret here.
forwarding-secret = "DqsrjyPN7mhB"
# Announce whether or not your server supports Forge. If you run a modded server, we
# suggest turning this on.
# If your network runs one modpack consistently, consider using ping-passthrough = "mods"
# instead for a nicer display in the server list.
announce-forge = true
# If enabled (default is false) and the proxy is in online mode, Velocity will kick
# any existing player who is online if a duplicate connection attempt is made.
kick-existing-players = false
# Should Velocity pass server list ping requests to a backend server?
# Available options:
# - "disabled":    No pass-through will be done. The velocity.toml and server-icon.png
#                  will determine the initial server list ping response.
# - "mods":        Passes only the mod list from your backend server into the response.
#                  The first server in your try list (or forced host) with a mod list will be
#                  used. If no backend servers can be contacted, Velocity won't display any
#                  mod information.
# - "description": Uses the description and mod list from the backend server. The first
#                  server in the try (or forced host) list that responds is used for the
#                  description and mod list.
# - "all":         Uses the backend server's response as the proxy response. The Velocity
#                  configuration is used if no servers could be contacted.
ping-passthrough = "mods"

    # Configure your servers here. Each key represents the server's name, and the value
    # represents the IP address of the server to connect to.
    lobby = ""
    # In what order we should try servers when a player logs in or is kicked from a server.
    try = ["lobby"]


    # How large a Minecraft packet has to be before we compress it. Setting this to zero will
    # compress all packets, and setting it to -1 will disable compression entirely.
    compression-threshold = 256
    # How much compression should be done (from 0-9). The default is -1, which uses the
    # default level of 6.
    compression-level = -1
    # How fast (in milliseconds) are clients allowed to connect after the last connection? By
    # default, this is three seconds. Disable this by setting this to 0.
    login-ratelimit = 3000
    # Specify a custom timeout for connection timeouts here. The default is five seconds.
    connection-timeout = 5000
    # Specify a read timeout for connections here. The default is 30 seconds.
    read-timeout = 30000
    # Enables compatibility with HAProxy's PROXY protocol. If you don't know what this is for, then
    # don't enable it.
    haproxy-protocol = false
    # Enables TCP fast open support on the proxy. Requires the proxy to run on Linux.
    tcp-fast-open = false
    # Enables BungeeCord plugin messaging channel support on Velocity.
    bungee-plugin-message-channel = true
    # Shows ping requests to the proxy from clients.
    show-ping-requests = false
    # By default, Velocity will attempt to gracefully handle situations where the user unexpectedly
    # loses connection to the server without an explicit disconnect message by attempting to fall the
    # user back, except in the case of read timeouts. BungeeCord will disconnect the user instead. You
    # can disable this setting to use the BungeeCord behavior.
    failover-on-unexpected-server-disconnect = true
    # Declares the proxy commands to 1.13+ clients.
    announce-proxy-commands = true
    # Enables the logging of commands
    log-command-executions = false

    # Whether to enable responding to GameSpy 4 query responses or not.
    enabled = false
    # If query is enabled, on what port should the query protocol listen on?
    port = 25577
    # This is the map name that is reported to the query services.
    map = "Velocity"
    show-plugins = false

What could be the problem? How can I fix it?

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i dont want to change velocity
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    • Hi everyone  I'm trying to make a custom door and give it a custom sound. In order to do so I've registered the sounds like this   private static final DeferredRegister<SoundEvent> SOUNDS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.SOUND_EVENTS, MineWorld.MOD_ID); ... public static final RegistryObject<SoundEvent> SCULK_DOOR_CLOSE = SOUNDS.register("sculk_door_close", () -> SoundEvent.createVariableRangeEvent(new ResourceLocation(MineWorld.MOD_ID, "sculk_door_close"))); public static final RegistryObject<SoundEvent> SCULK_DOOR_OPEN = SOUNDS.register("sculk_door_open", () -> SoundEvent.createVariableRangeEvent(new ResourceLocation(MineWorld.MOD_ID, "sculk_door_open"))); call the register method of the Sounds registry as the first thing in my mod initialize method IEventBus eventBus = FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus(); SOUNDS.register(eventBus); Then I create a BlockSetType like this   public static final BlockSetType SCULK = BlockSetType.register(new BlockSetType(new ResourceLocation(MineWorld.MOD_ID, "sculk").toString(), true, SoundType.WOOD, SCULK_DOOR_CLOSE.get(), SCULK_DOOR_OPEN.get(), SoundEvents.WOODEN_TRAPDOOR_CLOSE, SoundEvents.WOODEN_TRAPDOOR_OPEN, SoundEvents.WOODEN_PRESSURE_PLATE_CLICK_OFF, SoundEvents.WOODEN_PRESSURE_PLATE_CLICK_ON, SoundEvents.WOODEN_BUTTON_CLICK_OFF, SoundEvents.WOODEN_BUTTON_CLICK_ON); And finally the door block like this private static final DeferredRegister<Block> BLOCKS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS, MineWorld.MOD_ID); ... BLOCKS.register("sculk_door", () -> new DoorBlock(BlockBehaviour.Properties.copy(Blocks.OAK_DOOR), blockSetType)); But when I launch the game I get this error   Registry Object not present: mineworld:sculk_door_close Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the BlockSetType registration needs to be done in a different way? I have other BlockSetTypes registered like this that only uses vanilla sounds and they work just fine. You can see an example in my GitHub repo here: https://github.com/JimiIT92/MineWorld/blob/master/src/main/java/org/mineworld/core/MWBlockSetTypes.java
    • it was eldritch end, thank you
    • Okay. Thank you. I think it works now. I added the jdk-17 path to the batch instead of the jvm arguments txt file. The windows command prompt is just blank, but when I close the native windows command prompt, the java command prompt opens & loads the server. If that won't cause issues then I'm all good. 
    • I have no idea - the last mentioned mods are eldritch_end, supplementaries and mahoutsukai Start with removing mahoutsukai
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