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Help with my minecraft, crashing when i join a specific singleplayer world


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So basically all that happened was that I logged off, and the next day I tried to load my singleplayer world and it crashed at the loading screen (it froze then windows gave me the option to close the program or wait) and I was given an exit code of:
It told me there wasn't enough memory allocated to my launcher, but nothing seemed to work.

The full bug report is below:

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If you've seen this and are also struggling with this problem, I found the answer here:

1: You remove the files in 'serverconfig' folder (in your world folder),

2: Put the file(s) from the 'defaultconfigs' folder in the 'serverconfig' folder, which is located in your .minecraft folder.

(you should probably make a backup if that doesn't work btw)

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